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Orthopedic Dog Bed - Let Your Pooch Sleep in Comfort

This is Australia's first and only personalized Orthopedic Dog Bed. We have an innovation patent that means we are the only company that can attached a pets name to a pet bed in Australia.

How Does It Work?

1) Buy a personalized bed from us

2) You send us your dogs name up to 10 characters in length

3) We send you the bed the next business day so that your pooch has a place to sleep

4) We produce the name tag for you and send to you in the next 2 weeks. Please note this means your name tag will arrive after your bed

Don't want your bed personalised? No worries we do a version without the name tag too!

Please note beds are vacuum packed and will take 48-72 hours to regain shape.


Dogs are a person's best friend, so when they're in pain, you must let them be comfortable while they sleep. Orthopedic products can help with the musculoskeletal system in the body, which focuses on the tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, and muscles.

Most people don't realise that their dogs may have orthopedic problems as they get older. Though you should talk to their veterinarian about medications and other treatments, getting an orthopedic dog bed can also promote a good night's sleep for your dog.

We're introducing the orthopedic dog bed to help your furry friend relax and sleep well through the night. Let's learn more about it!

Orthopedic Dog Bed Summary for the Skim Readers

This isn't an ordinary dog bed; it's the ultimate dog bed with memory foam and orthopedic properties. In fact, it's a truly premium product that's machine washable created by dog lovers who wanted a dog bed that combined practicality, comfort, and luxury all in one! You're going to appreciate this dog bed and know that it provides orthopedic comfort for your dog.

Why Buy from Us:

  • Australian-owned - You're supporting a local business when you buy this dog bed.
  • Water-resistant - Protects the interior of the dog bed from dust mites and soiling
  • Soft topper - Your dog can relax and enjoy his sleep time with this orthopedic dog bed.
  • Covers/toppers are removable
  • The dog bed is machine washable.
  • Quick fulfilment team - All of our orders are sent directly to the warehouse so that your dog can have their orthopedic dog bed in no time.
  • Fast delivery within one to five business days
  • Multiple payment options available
  • Dog beds relieve joint and muscle pain in your dog
  • We deliver using Auspost anywhere is Australia including PO Boxes

Orthopedic Dog Bed Sizes

  • Small - 73cm x 58cm
  • Medium - 94cm x 74cm
  • Large - 115cm x 90cm

Our size guide focuses on keeping your dog cozy and comfortable in the orthopedic memory foam dog bed. Thousands of customers and dogs have provided feedback about this, so we're confident your dog is going to enjoy it. Dogs that like to fully stretch out on their dog beds may want their owner to choose the next size up in the list for ultimate comfort.

We recommend that you try to get your dog to stay still and measure them from the nose to the base of the tail to get a better idea of how the dog fits in the bed!


Orthopedic Dog Bed - The Full Details

Hey everyone! If you skipped the skim read and want to know everything there is to know about this dog bed made of memory foam, keep reading!

When it comes to dogs, we always wish the best for them because they're part of the family! You go to great lengths to pick your own mattress because you want it to be to your liking and not too soft nor firm. Therefore, it makes sense that your dogs deserve the same comforts, which is why we're introducing our orthopedic dog beds!

What's more inviting than some memory foam and luxury lines? Whether your dog prefers to settle down deep for the night or sprawl out during the day, this dog bed gives them everything they need. Your dog can sit on its throne as it figures out the best way to get comfortable. Since your dog is already the king (or queen) of your heart, why not give them a throne to show that you care?

This dog bed is made to be orthopedic in nature, so it is comforting to lie on and enjoy. Plus, these dog beds are ultra-soft and can act as a pillow or become a safe place to be. Your dogs are going to love the light gray colour because it is relaxing and can help them de-stress. Orthopedic dog beds like this are so comforting that your dog may never want to get up!

Plus, the material is designed in such a way as to be scratch-friendly. Your dogs can knead away without damaging the soft and strong microfiber cover!

It's About Science

Our dog beds are designed with science in mind. Believe it or not, many dogs suffer from arthritis and other conditions of the joints. As dogs age, they may slow down. You often think it's because they're sad that you're always gone to work and run errands, so you stay behind a few days. However, it doesn't help! They may not want to go for walks anymore or have severe pain doing it.

A memory foam dog bed is backed by science, and here's how it works:

When puppies are born, they're safe and warm because they can snuggle with their siblings. As dogs grow, they don't lose that feeling of touch or need for comfort, and this is where orthopedic memory foam dog beds come into play. They replicate the same feelings as being puppies. On top of that, the memory foam cuddles the dog and releases pain and pressure points. Since the dogs can fully relax the body, they get relief from some of the arthritis they suffer.

While you don't want your dogs lying in bed all the time, they may need that recuperation and rest. Dogs instinctively know what they need to do, so if they're in bed, it indicates they're tired or sore.

Owning a dog bed made of memory foam ensures that you're protecting their joints and easing their suffering. While it might not heal them, your dog can start feeling better and may even be up for a walk around the block again!

However, your dog has specific requirements for their bed. It must be:

  • Machine washable for easy cleanup when your dog is frisky and wants to go out and play
  • Have a premium filling inside made of memory foam so that the dog can sink into it
  • Raised rim to offer security for the dog and a pillow of sorts
  • Soft, short outer material to be comfortable and relaxing while the dog lays in bed

Dog beds should be a refuge for your furry friend. They need a hug just as much as you sometimes, and the softness of our dog beds ensure that they get the comfort and relaxation they need!

Ultimate for Comfort

Your dogs are part of the family, so they deserve comfort like you. They also require security, and dog beds are the way to give them that, especially when you have to leave for the day.

Our dog beds are made using high-quality materials with memory foam so that dogs can sink right into them. It's dedicated solely to comfort and relaxation. Plus, the materials of the dog beds are breathable, so your dog won't overheat while lying on the memory foam.

Your dog might prefer to sleep on the furniture, and that should tell you something! As a dog, they want to be on something comfortable, and the couch is often the best source. You don't want your dog sleeping on the floor because it's uncomfortable, and dog beds made of memory foam can help!

Plus, with a dog bed, the dog won't scratch up the furniture or put hair on it. When a dog sheds, that hair seems to go everywhere, and you get it on your clothes. When they've got their own dog bed to go to, they don't get on the couch as often!

If you have an older dog with arthritis or other problems, they need memory foam in their dog beds to help them relax and rest comfortably. The high-density memory foam offers the support and relaxation they need. Your dog is your best friend, so there's no reason not to get them a comfortable bed that meets all of their needs.

Our dog beds offer the comfort and support they need from quality material. That means your dog can rest pain-free without exacerbating the issue. Plus, the cover is non-toxic, so the dog beds are safe for your dog to use every day!

Your dog can enjoy the quality of our premium dog beds. Plus, the dog beds are stored flat for delivery to protect them. Give them some time to regain their shape. Don't wait to add this bed to your cart! We ship throughout Australia, so add one to the list today!


Dog beds are completely worth it, but you must select your pet bed correctly. Make sure it uses real memory foam and is made properly so that it can help your pet relax.

Quality memory foam beds can relieve those achy joints, provide comfort, and improve mobility for a pain-riddled pet.If you go to a human mattress store, you see memory foam options everywhere, but you may think that your pet doesn't need one.

A misconception is that foam dog beds are only suitable for older pets, but that's not true. You can get a bed for any pet, even a puppy. Every pet can benefit from one, but there are great benefits for older dogs.Just remember, the mattress store doesn't only offer foam to older adults, so your pet bed doesn't have to be just for older pets.

Reduce Stress

You can't be there for your furry friend day and night, even if you want to. However, your pet may get stressed out when you leave for work and want comfort from something. With the right bed, they can lay down on it and wait for your return. This can also reduce pain and swelling in the body, which means they're more active when you are there!

Be Proactive

You already know that your pet may not have problems and is younger, but it's a matter of time before they start having arthritis and other issues. In fact, when a pet is older than 10, they're almost certain to have afflictions. By using a foam support system now, you can prevent some of those issues or help them be less challenging as your pet gets older.

Boost Blood Flow

Most people don't discuss how a foam bed can improve blood flow for your pet. Removing the pressure points from the body means more blood can go to those areas. If your pet enjoys sports and regularly works their muscles, they may have issues. By getting a foam bed for your pet, you allow the nutrient-rich blood to get to those areas to restore and heal. This ensures faster recovery times and can neutralise the long-term effects on your pet.

Not All Created Equal

Here's the scary part: every pet bed isn't made equally. Most dog beds that claim to be orthopedic aren't. They may use recycled egg crate foam or cheap foam, which offers no support and can't relieve pressure points. It's imperative to choose quality foam that conforms to your pet's body. If it doesn't, they're not going to have more relaxed sleep, relieve pressure, and protect your pet as they get older.

Appropriate Cover

As the bed is going to be in your home, you want to ensure that the cover is non-toxic. That way, if you have kids or often sit on the floor with your dog, you're not going to get sick. Our beds have an appropriate cover that you can wash and dry as necessary. There's no reason to worry about your dog shedding or having an accident when you have these beds!

There are so many pet bed options on the market, so it's hard for you to determine which is best. However, we feel that our dog beds are ideal. They each have plenty of support and a washable cover. That way, your pet can sleep as much as needed and may wake refreshed and ready to play again!


The company you choose must offer free shipping, and we are proud to say we do. Just add one of the pet beds to the shopping cart, and you're ready to go! Plus, we deliver in all of Australia, so it doesn't matter where you and your pet live!

When choosing a bed for your dog, it's important to consider whether to get memory foam or an orthopedic bed. However, you don't have to decide between the two anymore because of our product. This bed offers the best of both worlds, so your dog can sleep easily and stay asleep. They're more comfortable in the bed, which means they fully relax their bodies and can wake refreshed.

Whether your pet has joint pain, arthritis, old bones, or regular aches and pains coming from age, a quality bed can make a difference. Orthopedic beds are designed to offer more support to the bones and joints, with more emphasis on the hips and elbows. In dogs, these are often the first two areas with issues.

Now, they can sleep and relax well without having to wake up in pain.If your pet regularly howls or growls with pain, you know that something has to be done. You hate to see them hurting, and the right pet bed is essential. With ours, you get a quality cover that wicks away moisture and doesn't overheat your furry friend. Plus, the cover can be tossed into the washing machine and dryer whenever the need arises. With that, you can keep it clean and ready for your dog to relax the night (or day) away!

There are many ways that you can ease your pet's arthritis pain. You should always talk to a veterinarian about medications and treatments, but you can help around the house, too. Well-padded bedding is essential, and you should keep it in an area of the house that's not draughty or damp.

On warm Australia days, consider taking the bed and your dog outside and let them lounge in the dry warmth.

Here are some other options to consider:


Your dog may not want to get up and run around the block, but exercise can reduce arthritis pain, depending on where it is. Take them for a leisurely stroll and let them go at their own pace. Consider playing with them in a way that helps them move without overexerting them.


Many arthritic dogs enjoy muscle massages to stimulate blood flow to the area. Just be gentle and watch your dog for more signs of pain.Give your dog the gift of comfort with a lovely orthopedic dog bed that is just their size.

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