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Vetalogica Naturals Grain Free Kangaroo Adult Dog Food

Vetalogica Naturals Grain Free Kangaroo Adult Dog Food

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VETALOGICA NATURALS GRAIN FREE KANGAROO ADULT DOG FOOD is the perfect food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Vetalogica sources only the finest Australian local meat and vegetable products for its food, using wild kangaroo as the primary ingredient in this formulation. 

Many manufacturers bulk out their dog food with modern grains. However, these highly farmed products can cause sensitivities in some dogs. This product contains no wheat, barley, soy or corn and only includes natural ingredients from non-GMO sources. 

The purpose of the product is to produce a food that is biologically appropriate for dogs - akin to what their ancient ancestors might have eaten. For that reason, it avoids ultra-commercialised grains and replaces them with items that replicate the types of foods more common in the past.

Vetalogica Naturals Grain Free Kangaroo Adult Dog Food contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It includes superfoods for healthy joints, skin, coat and metabolism.

  • Contains kangaroo meat as the number one ingredient from trusted local suppliers
  • Fully Australian-owned and made
  • Free from grains, gluten, soy and GMO
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives