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Frontline Plus for Large Dogs Between 20-40 kg Purple

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As indestructible as they might behave, our canine companions have their vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to parasites, and products like Frontline Plus for Dogs between 20-40 kg can play a key role in ensuring that they are protected. Frontline Plus is a parasite prevention treatment that is specifically designed to provide reliable and dependable protection from fleas and ticks.

These two ingredients combine to form an easy spot-on treatment that is able to eliminate not only fleas and ticks but also the eggs and larvae that are so easily missed by a range of other treatments. By applying Frontline Plus on a monthly basis, you can make sure that dogs between 20-40 kg are kept healthy, depleting their flea population and protecting them from experiencing new outbreaks of those same parasites. It should also be applied monthly for brown dog ticks while being applied every two weeks to protect against paralysis ticks.

Applying Frontline Plus for Dogs between 20-40 kg is simple. All you have to do is open the pack containing the pipette with the label facing toward you. After tapping the neck of the pipette to prepare the contents, you can snap the tip off. Then you spread part the pet's coat between their shoulders so you can see their skin, and squeeze contents of the pipette onto the skin until it's empty.

  • Suitable for use for puppies from 8 weeks of age and older
  • Can be used on dogs that are shampooed between treatments, just ensure the dog is dry before applying the treatment
  • Dog can swim or be bathed 48 hours after application