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Fur King

Fur King - Pet Hair Remover / Brush

Fur King - Pet Hair Remover / Brush

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Fur King Pet Hair Remover / Brush 

Keeping your pet’s coat smooth, shiny and dander-free is always a top priority and with this grooming glove, getting rid of their casting fur just got easier! It’s important that cats and dogs are brushed regularly to keep their coats in good condition, but some standard brushes can be hard on their skin.  You may find it difficult to get them to sit still while you brush, but by using this glove, it will soon become the favourite part of their day.

The glove has soft rubber tips that your pet will love. Instead of scratching the skin, the glove stimulates it – improving blood circulation and encouraging your pet’s skin to produce natural oils. These strengthen their coat and gives it a wonderful shine meaning that your dog or cat will have a cleaner and softer coat with regular use.

Grooming your pet can be a great bonding moment for you both. This slip-on glove has an adjustable strap that makes it comfortable to wear, so you can brush away to your hearts content. The glove collects the stray hair that would have otherwise ended up all over your furniture, perfect for those who suffer from allergies.

Once you’ve brushed your pet, the glove is easy to clean – and fur will pull off in a clump to be disposed of. Made from environmentally friendly materials and 100% recyclable, it’s safe to wash the glove under running water to get rid of any excess dirt.

Perfect for both old and very young animals, they will soon associate feeling great with daily glove sessions and will run to you when they see it! Available in four colours, this pet care glove is an amazing tool for animals who are nervous around new things and who have rejected the conventional brush.

Your pet will feel the Fur King difference.

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