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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Maxi Ageing 8 Plus Senior Dry Dog Food

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As your dog gets older, his nutritional needs change. It's no different to humans. As we get older, we don't tend to need as many calories, but we do need to ensure we're getting the right nutrients to support good health.

Our Maxi Ageing 8 Plus Senior Dry Dog Food has been designed specifically for large breed dogs who fall into the older age bracket, i.e. those that are eight-years-old or older. They should also weigh between 26 and 44 kg. If this applies to your dog, this is the perfect formula, as it ensures your dog is getting all of the nutrients and good stuff that it needs to live a long life.

  • Joint and bone support
  • For dogs over eight-years-old
  • For senior large breed dogs (from 26 to 44 kg)
  • Complete feed

We have worked hard to develop a formula that is perfect for aging large breed dogs. This dry dog food features a balanced supply of dietary fibre and high quantities of protein to ensure that optimal digestibility is supported for your old friend.

Large dogs can also place a lot of stress on their joints and bones, so we have made sure that this formula has been created with that in mind, providing great support.

With a complex of antioxidants, DHA, and EPA, you can be sure that this dry dog food will neutralise free radicals and help your dog to lead a healthy and happy life.

Should you have any queries about this formula and whether or not it is right for your dog, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Royal Canin History

A stalwart of the dog food industry, Royal Canin has been on our dog food shelves for over fifty years. Originating in France in 1968, Royal Canin quickly became a top seller across Europe. It was in 1997 that they introduced their revolutionary size-specific nutrition, quickly followed two years later by their breed specific nutrition. Since its emergence on the pet food scene, veterinarians and breeders alike have been advocates of Royal Canin’s recipes and ethos. Royal Canin has even invested some of its profits into combatting obesity in dogs and into cutting edge research into premium nutrition for our canine companions.

Royal Canin Tailored Nutrition

At Royal Canin, the health and vitality of dogs is a top priority. This is why the firm designed its tailored nutrition approach that crafts formulas to ensure that every recipe created is nutritionally balanced with the optimum amount of vitamins, minerals and prebiotics dogs need.

These are not generic recipes with a one size fits all approach. Take miniature schnauzers for example with their sensitivity to fats. Royal Canin’s tailored nutrition approach ensures a special recipe with more carbohydrates and leaner meat sources. The same goes for German Shepherds. Their sensitive stomachs mean they need highly digestible proteins and Royal Canin has formulated a recipe especially for them. Royal Canin pride themselves on putting the health of every dog at the centre of every one of their recipes.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Royal Canin for more info.