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SavourLife Australian Chicken Training Treats 165g

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SAVOURLIFE AUSTRALIAN CHICKEN TRAINING TREATS 165G are the perfect option for owners wanting to train their dogs. Each nibble provides a rewarding, tasty reward for all your pooch's hard work, helping to make training easier for everyone. 

These treats are based on SavourLife's popular Strips Range and come in small cubes you can easily hold in your hands, place around the garden, or stuff into toys. Importantly, these treats are highly delectable, ensuring that your dog works hard for every morsel. 

SavourLife Australian Chicken Training Treats do not contain any artificial colours or flavours. Furthermore, they are made of 100 percent Australian meat, ensuring quality, and providing owners with peace of mind. What's more, they're healthy too, containing all the vitamins and minerals your pooch needs for an active and energetic life.

Training treats take the effort out of dog training: no more cutting up meat or biscuits crumbling in your hands. 

  • Convenient cube shape for simple administration and concealment
  • No added colours or flavours
  • 100 percent Australian meat
  • Work well as toy stuffers too
  • No more cutting up meat