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SavourLife Australian Kangaroo Training Treats 165g

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SAVOURLIFE AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO TRAINING TREATS 165G are the ideal accessory for any owner wanting to train their pooch. This unique product offers both you and your pet the perfect combination of convenience, flavour, and nutrition. 

Training a dog can be a challenge. But SavourLife has come up with a unique solution: small, delectable treats that owners can easily hold in their hands. The brand's Australian Kangaroo Training Treats come in convenient cubes you can use to reward your pooch directly or stuff into toys. 

Just because they're treats, though, doesn't mean they're unhealthy. SavourLife includes an abundance of supportive ingredients, such as linseed to foster supple joints and a glossy coat while reducing inflammation. Flax is one of the best sources of omega 3 - an incredible nutrient that improves the appearance of your dog. 

Finally, these training treats are delicious - just what you need to ensure that your dog works hard. And because they come in small, convenient cubes, you no longer have to worry about cutting up meat. 


  • Convenient size 
  • No need to cut up meat
  • Delicious, rewarding flavour
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours