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Dog Snuffle Mat

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Dog Snuffle Mat

Your dog’s brain and nose were made to track, burrow, hunt, sniff, and snort. They are there to work. Snuffling or nose work is all about their natural desire to sniff. A dog snuggle mat is an interactive enrichment puzzle that will help your dog to refine or find their search skills as well as many other positive results. You can add dry treats or kibble to the snuffle mat hiding spots and watch your dog find the food! This is a great way to reward your dog after a training session.

Please note dog owners should never leave their dogs alone with the snuffle mat.

Dog Snuffle Mat Key Features 

  • Adopting high-quality fleece material with top-quality stitching and sewing
  • Durable and bite-resistant (perfect for puppy training)
  • Durable and Safe Fabric toy
  • Non slip bottom
  • Anti Flip Structure for large breed
  • Machine washable
  • Colourful design and patterns, with a range of different accessories. Your dog will be drawn to it straight away
  • The colourful accessories are more than just ornaments. You can hide dog treats in them to help with the training and build on their hunting and observational abilities
  • Detachable design is extremely convenient to wash and dry, you won't see any dead corners 
  • Comes with straps so it is easy to both store and carry by hand. Meaning you can take it on the go if you are going away or travelling

Why You Should Get A Dog Snuffle Mat 

A dog snuffle mat is the perfect enrichment activity toy for your furry friend. It makes canines sniff around, hunting for their favourite treats which helps to provide a form of entertainments as well as providing a tool to tackle problems such as separation anxiety. 

If your dog is eating to quickly, a dog snuffle mat could be used to help slow them down. These challenging treat-dispensing maze puzzles will help to keep your dog busy and calm for longer periods of time. 

Whether you have a small puppy just learning the ropes, a smart dog who needs each stimulation, or an older dog who isn’t able to get around like they used to, a dog snuffle mat can provide mental stimulation and education, who said you can’t teach an old dog tricks? 

Meal time for a dog can provide a bonding time, especially if you start to build this bond from an early age. The repetition of hide and seek games, interaction and phrase from you as they find their treats and the excitement of setting it up will help to build a strong bond between you and your dog. Start playing everyday with a few treats. 

  • Mentally stimulating them and offering a way to alleviate boredom
  • Encouraging attentive play
  • Perfect for pets on restricted exercise
  • Can be used for behavior modification training
  • Can help to reduce stress
  • Uses up energy
  • Can boost confidence in dogs who are lacking their confidence
  • Great for puppies who are just learning about mental enrichment
  • Great for older dogs too, playing with food enriching toys because they are unable to play with active toys
  • Perfect for when you leave you dogs alone, giving them something to focus on when you are away
  • Fantastic for dogs who are recovering from surgery and are restricted with movement temporarily. 
  • In situations such as handling and grooming it can be used to help reduce anxiety. 

Dog Training 

Dog snuffle mats are a fun and interesting way to strengthen your dogs sense of smell and natural snuffling instinct. You can hide all the dog’s favourite treats and foods in the mat, by mimicking the normal hunt for food out in nature. It can help to prevent bad eating habits and stimulate their foraging instinct. 

Dog Snuffle Mat Material 

The material of the pet snuffle mat is made from durable and quality material, which is firm and resistant to tearing and biting. 

Easy To Clean And Store  

Our dog snuffle mats are foldable, easy to carry and store. They all have anti-slip treatment under the mat to help prevent slipping while playing. The mat can be easily machine washed and dried, making it user friendly and durable. 

Can Be Used As A Toy 

The do snuffle mat has a  fun-to-use design and has a durable construction. The mat can not only be used for training foraging, but it is also a fantastic toy for your pets to enjoy. 

How To Use Snuffle Mats

To use it, just loosely scatter a few dry treats or dog kibble food on the snuffle mat and then let your dog sniff through it to find their food. You may want to hide them a little harder if they master it straight away. You may also find that you need to guide your dog to teach them the ropes, but after three or four tries they will start to snuffle for their treats on their own, looking at you for reassurance and positive reactions.