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Whole Earth Farms

Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Chicken

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Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Chicken contains a host of healthy ingredients, designed to provide your dog lasting energy and vitality. Adult Recipe Chicken only uses meat sourced from Australian poultry farms, ensuring exceptional quality and provenance. 

Whole Earth Farms created this recipe using a range of whole food ingredients to minimise the glycemic response and support your dog's metabolism. Chicken, pea protein, whole grains and blueberries all combine to help blunt blood sugar spikes and prevent damage to your dog's metabolism. Slow-digesting foods keep your pooch fuller for longer, increasing the time between meals. 

Importantly, Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Chicken does not contain any corn, soy, wheat, artificial colours or preservatives. Each serving provides your dog with the optimal combination of protein, fat and fibre to support their health and digestive system. It is, therefore, a wholly natural product. Plus, it tastes great too. 

  • Contains a range of healthy ingredients designed to support metabolism and immune function
  • Optimised macronutrient ratios for weight maintenance
  • High fibre to assist digestion and increase fullness
  • No artificial colours or flavours