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If you interview cat owners about the biggest problem with having a cat, their pet urinating around the house would likely be at the no. 1 spot. Veterinarians agree: inappropriate waste elimination is a leading problem with cat behaviour.

Of course, getting a litter tray is the obvious solution. It provides a dedicated location for your kitty to do its business, keeping the rest of the home clean and orderly. And Pet Parlour has a range of litter trays to suit your pet’s needs.

Once you start browsing the products, you’ll face a somewhat confusing choice: Whether you should pick an open or hooded tray. While some online resources may advocate for one type over the other, the truth is that the decision comes down to a matter of preference.

Most cats will be quite indifferent when it comes to the litter tray type. Yet, some cats will lean strongly toward a particular style.

Luckily, you can find both types of litter trays on the Pet Parlour website. For instance, there’s the classic open Catmate three-piece tray, the open-rimmed Showmaster, or the hooded Showmaster variant. And if you want an advanced option, you might opt for the Ezi-Lockodour Dual Layer cat litter system.

If you wish to find out which kind of litter tray your cat will like the most, it would be best to try out different variants. Whichever type you – or your kitty – chooses, you’ll be able to get it in the Pet Parlour store.

Better yet, there’s an entire line of accessories to help you keep everything tidy. You can get litter charcoal, mineral pellets, litter scoops, and absorbent pads for a cleaner tray. Plus, they have odour controllers and deodorisers to keep the unpleasant scents away.