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Grooming your horse is a wonderful activity with plenty of benefits. Firstly, the activity builds a stronger bond between the horse and its owner. This bond is a cherished part of owning a horse, so you’ll naturally want to do everything you can to enhance the connection.

Secondly, grooming can be a great exercise for you. Even if you have a pony, you’ll need to be quite active while grooming it. In the long run, this may improve your own mobility and overall health.

Finally, and most importantly, grooming is healthy for the horse. If done vigorously enough, it may boost circulation and improve muscle blood flow. Grooming will also remove old, dead skin cells, allowing new ones to develop. Simultaneously, it will promote skin oil production, helping your horse maintain soft skin.

If you wish to groom your horse perfectly every time, you might want to get specialised horse grooming products. Pet Parlour will be your No. 1 stop for just that.

At Pet Parlour, we sell a range of equine sprays, shampoos, and conditioners that will make your horse’s hair healthier and shinier while emphasising the coat colour. Some of our best-selling products include shampoos like the Equinade Showsilk Glo-White, Green Valley Naturals Equine Shampoo, and Vetsense Equigloss.

When it comes to additional products for horsehair care, there are detanglers like Vetsense Eliminots and NRG Horse No Nots. And if you want to add the final special touch, you may use the Vetsense Equigloss 5-in-1 Spray or JL Neatsfoot Oil.

You can also find equine hoof care products like JL Farrier’s Choice Hoof Grease on Pet Parlour. Essentially, our store has everything you need to keep your horse in great condition. Choose the right products for your equine friend and make sure they’re well-kept, healthy, and happy.