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Collection: Dog Beds

Best Australian Dog Beds

Dog beds are some of the best supplies that you can get your dog. It would be a mistake not to pay attention to them! You might think that you can get by making a bed out of some old sheets and a few blankets, but a proper dog bed from Australia is what you need.

Most dog beds are just pillows or fabric stuffed with cotton to keep them warm. For your dog to enjoy the experience, however, you need something well thought out in your shopping cart when you consider making dog bed orders.

Before you arrange for the delivery of the first bed that you see online brought to your doorstep, you need to know a few things about what you are going to buy. Even if the vendor's web page states it is on sale, don't complete that AfterPay transaction just yet!

So, first things first. What makes a good dog bed?

What To Look for in a Dog Bed


One of the most obvious factors to consider when shopping for a dog bed is the size of your dog. Your pet needs a different bed that can accommodate it, whether it is large or small.

If you have a Chihuahua, for example, then it needs a smaller bed than a Great Dane does. The bed only needs to be large enough so the pet can move around comfortably and sleep in the correct position without assistance.

You can refine your search for a bed by measuring your dog as it sleeps and then taking those measurements into account. If you know your dog is small, you can only look for small bedding brands as a customer. The reverse applies if your dog is large.

The Sleeping Style

Dogs sleep in different positions and styles, just like humans do. Different dog beds are made for these varied sleeping styles, so before making any orders, ensure you think about this.

If your dog likes to curl up, find bedding that is shaped to allow that. One great example is doughnut-shaped beds, which have a circular structure to let the dogs sleep in such a position.

There are also tent-like beds that you can shop for. These products are useful if your dog likes to make its bed underneath something. The curved tent beds give the dogs a space to hide away whenever they need it.

Finally, mat beds are perfect whenever your larger dog has no idea how it wants to sleep. These products take the shape of a simple square mat that you lay on the floor, and your dog can nap away on that bedding.

Where the Dog Wants to Be

You don't just need to consider the dog beds, but also where they may be in your house. Some canine companions like having a corner or spot of the room all to themselves. Others prefer to sleep with their humans close by in the bedroom. Some are even outdoor dogs who like a traditional doghouse.

Consider where you are going to be putting the bed after it arrives at your home via delivery. Unlike a cat, which can generally sleep in random places, dogs tend to reliably curl up in their beds at night.

You cannot shop for one of these beds without including your pet's tendencies in the decision.

What Goes Inside?

You also need to look at the inside of the bed. Does it feel comfortable to you? Most of these products come in two different varieties. The first is a soft foam padding that acts like a typical human mattress. The second option is a dog bed filled with foam.

The loose filling allows the dog beds to shift and mould according to the movements of the dog. Most of the time, a dog bed with padding is the favourite of older dogs, and younger dogs like filling. Test your bed out with your dog for a few nights, and then see if it likes the product.

Admittedly you need to be in the store for the feeling out process, as the feel of the bed is much harder to do online in a virtual cart. You may be able to see that one of these products is blue, for example, but there's no seeing how well it can suit your dog through a screen. If your pet's comfort matters to you, why not take a trip before you add the bed to your cart?

Dog Injuries and Dog Beds

Every cat, bird, reptile, and dog that has ever become a pet has had attention paid to its range of injuries. A cat might injure its paw, a bird could get its wings hurt, a reptile could overheat, and a dog can get old just like humans do.

Some dogs might have trouble walking in their old age, or they could be showing a sign of a recent injury. Thankfully, dog beds provide them with a facility to alleviate those injuries and can help them rest comfortably.

There are often sections in the shop that show several different dog beds in a wide range of colour and size options.

The Best Beds Your Dog Is Going to Love!

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Pet owners hate it when their dogs have trouble getting around. Watching the animal go from being a dog who could tire you out with incessant walks and games of fetch, to a dog who can barely hobble across the room can be a heartbreaking sight.

Any pet category, from your cat to your reptile or your bird can develop orthopaedic problems. In most cases, these problems can be resolved without surgery. Diet and exercise changes, as well as having your pet take it easy, can be a good idea.

If your dog is starting to have trouble with moving around and needs help getting into and out of bed, you might want to consider buying an orthopaedic bed.

Such products are designed to cradle the pressure points and relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Most orthopaedic beds are filled with memory foam, which has the same benefits for dogs that it does on a human.

Memory foam dog beds can contour to the dog's body. They also keep your dog off the floor. As long as the bed provides support, it can work.

These dog beds are the best for older dogs that are suffering from health problems or are very thin. A very thin dog such as a greyhound doesn't have as much padding on its joints, so it needs to have more support for its health.

We stock one of the worlds best orthopedic beds.

Australian Made Dog Beds

Of course, if you live in Australia, then you naturally want a dog bed made in your country. Typically, when you buy local, the price is lower, and the range of products is much higher.

Some of the best dog bed brands from Australia can easily fill your shopping cart, and here are some of the best options for a great price!

Calming Dog Beds

Every single pet gets scared. A cat gets frightened of water, a reptile gets scared when startled, and even a fish has been known to dart for safety on occasion.

Dogs are the same way, and they need to be able to go to their dog beds whenever they are afraid. There's a whole brand of dog beds out there designed to provide calming services for your pet.

Anxiety isn't just something a human experiences, as your pet can feel it too. A good calming bed would suit your dog in such a situation as it has a place to be comfortable.

If your dog has anxiety, then you need to focus on looking for an optimal bed at the pet store.

First, you need to search for one that has raised edges. Having a spot where your pet can sink in and rest helps with reducing almost any category or anxiety. The raised edges provide a sense of security for your pet, making sure it can hide from whatever might have it scared.

Some mats on the floor aren't going to make them resistant to fear, and having a dog with high anxiety isn't good for its health.

Dog beds should also be warm and cosy, so make sure to look for a nice and soft material for your four-legged friend to prioritize its comfort. Dog beds for your pet should be fuzzy, furry, and welcoming.

Are Dog Beds Bad for Dogs?

There was a time your pet would've been lucky to be inside at all. Most dogs had a corner of the garage to curl up in, and maybe a small blanket. Some even slept with the outdoor elements.

Does your dog really need a bed?

After all, dogs have slept on the floor for decades with no problems. Why choose to have a bed?

Well, it has been shown that dogs do need to rest on a firm surface. Much like humans, a firm surface helps us get our posture straight and it improves support for our bodies. Dogs are the same way.

As wolves do, a dog returns to its comfort zone if it has one. Dog beds are not bad for dogs in the slightest. However, the wrong type of dog bed could create a small or large issue.

That's why it is so important to look through different styles of bedding before making any orders. You also need to take into account the wide range of both dogs and the beds used to treat them as you do your search. An online filter is your friend in web stores as you look through products from each brand to see what you like.

Don't just go to a sale and fill your online shopping cart with the first thing you see. Your pet needs a solid bed from a brand that combines great quality with an affordable price.

How to Shop for a Dog Bed

Alright, you've come up with the perfect dog bed. You have analysed styles, your pet needs, and have read dozens of 5.0-star reviews that praise all of your brand choices.

So now, how do you focus on finding the right dog bed, either in a store or online? Well, here are some tips.

Consider the Price

A dog bed is a great investment for pet health. However, you aren't going to spend loads of money on a glorified mat or on what is basically an overstuffed pillow.

While most pet shop services have a range of prices, beds tend to go up to $299.99 in price or more for the best brands.

The key factors for any dog bed that suit your pet are these. It needs to be comfortable and durable, and that's about it. You can fill your cart with anything that matches those requirements, and you might even be able to get it on sale for a good price.

Make Sure the Delivery Is Fast

Your pet needs a bed just like you do, especially dogs. While a cat can search out any place to sleep, fish have their tanks, and reptiles need somewhere dark, dogs are a bit pickier.

When you shop for your pet bed, make sure that you understand the delivery parameters as quickly as you can. Choose services that deliver on time, as your dog shouldn't have to go without a bed.

A little research can help you determine which brand is the best for the bed you need, and you need only choose the recommended item from the available stock.

Buy Your Items in Bulk

If you are the type of person who might have multiple animals to care for, and you need to account for each pet with your purchase, then try to shop in bulk.

You get a more favourable individual price, which is low, compared to what you may have spent otherwise. Bulk orders are perfect if you want to account for multiple dogs in your search for a dog bed. The attractive price is complemented by the potential free shipping benefit.

Shop around and see what you can find. Typically, a bundle online should have a few things in stock when you look at the products. These can include food, a bed, toys, treats, and everything else you need for your dog.

If you have multiple pets, you can call on the services of multiple bundles for a different price setup and you can even take advantage of free delivery to your home.

Each of the bundles contains essentials for every pet loving customer, so fast delivery is paramount to success. This is especially true if the delivery involves perishable items.

Figure out what each bundle has in stock and then make sure to fill your cart with only the best products. How could you hope to beat the combination of pet happiness and an affordable price?

Picking Out the Best Dog Bed

Even with all the information laid out here, getting a bed for your dog online can be a struggle. Even with sales, free shipping, easy to use accounts, and great customer service with 5.0-star reviews, you could still be stumped.

Choosing the right items for your dog can seem tough, but remember that the criteria you choose to use. If you find that a range of products matches your search parameters, feel free to choose any of them.

Once you keep your pet comfortable and happy, that's all that really matters. Don't get so overwhelmed with finding the best bed for your pet in Australia that you start to lose focus.