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Collection: Cat Food and Treats

Watching a happy, healthy, and playful cat is such an enjoyable experience. And while your cat may be like that by nature, it needs proper nutrition to thrive. Providing all the essential nutrients is the purpose of specialised cat food.

In order to grow and prosper, cats need the same macronutrients as all other animals: vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and fat. Yet, they might need more than everyday food to get all this in sufficient quantities. Fortunately, Pet Parlour has just the solution.

If your cat needs more protein to stay strong and agile, Nas Fresh Raw Chicken will provide precisely the right amount of this nutrient. This raw, tasty food also comes in fish and kangaroo varieties, ideal for picky eaters. Of course, there are more cat foods to choose from that will match your pet’s preferences and needs perfectly.

Your kitty doesn’t have to get all of its nutrients from regular meals, though. You can use treats to complete their diet and give them a sign of love and appreciation at the same time. In particular, every cat will enjoy a treat like Inaba Cat Juicy Bites.

However, if your pet has certain needs, you can opt for a more specialised variety of treats. This way, you can resolve three issues at once: getting your cat the nutrients it needs, rewarding good behaviour, and tackling a specific area of well-being.

The Vitarapid treats are an excellent example of such a three-in-one solution. For instance, Vitarapid Skin & Shedding Daily Treats ensure your cat maintains a healthy coat and resolves potential skin problems.

Proper nutrition is an important factor in keeping your pet in optimal health. And with the selection of products on Pet Parlour, your kitty will have everything it needs for a long and happy life.