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Most people wouldn’t think twice about how birds should be fed. Yet, like all other living beings, our feathery friends have certain nutritional requirements worth considering. If you want to keep your pet birds healthy, agile, and lively, you should pay attention to their feed.

While all birds require relatively similar nutrients, their specific diets will depend on species and size. Birds may be florivores (Red-faced Parrot, Military Macaw), frugivores (Green-winged Macaw), nectarivores (Lory), granivores (Cockatiel, Budgerigar), or omnivores (Red-tailed Amazon).

Most of these species will eat seeds. However, granivores will primarily feed on grains, frugivores will eat flowers and fruit, while nectarivores will mainly consume pollen and nectar.

Besides these differences, size and age variations will also dictate the diet, so small, medium, and large birds won’t eat the same feeds. For instance, if you have juvenile birds, you might go for the Probird Hand Rearing Mix, while older birds should receive a feeding mix more suitable for their size, like the Laucke Black Parrot Adult.

In terms of species, it would be best to find feeds intended specifically for your birds. Pet Parlour has many such options, like the Probird Lorikeet Mix and the Passwell Red Factor Canary Seed, specially formulated for Lorikeets and Canaries, respectively.

Your birds can also receive essential nutrients while having some fun. This is precisely the purpose behind bird treats like the Avione Millet Spray or the Whistler Sunflower Block.

When it comes to feeding your birds properly, the crucial step you’ll need to take is to get informed on the best feed type for your pets. Once you know what you’re looking for, Pet Parlour will take care of the rest. You’ll find proper feeds for most of the popular pet bird types in our catalogue.