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Road trips are not only a great way to recharge your batteries, but also to spend quality time with your favourite furry friend. To make the most of the trip, it’s important to have all the necessary equipment for you and your canine companion.

As you get ready for the adventure, be sure to go over your packing checklist so that nothing is left behind.

Pet Parlour is here to equip you and your buddy with quality strollers. Choose different models from three to four-wheelers, large or small walkers, and pick the best colour combination to match your preferences.

We also offer high-end car hammock and seat belts, seat covers, harnesses, and car boot covers, to ensure you’re fully equipped and ready to have the time of your life.

The safety belt keeps your pet safe and sound during unpleasant bumpy rides.

The seat covers protect your vehicle’s freshly cleaned seats. They are easy to install and come in standard sizes to guarantee a perfect fit. You can give your special friend their very own spot in the car and ensure they enjoy the ride to the fullest.

And when you’re out of the car and ready for the walk, our most eye-catching strollers are sure to turn heads.

Pet Parlour is your go-to choice for durable, heavy-duty, and comfortable dog travel items. Whether you’re missing a single seat cover or a trendy stroller, check the products on offer.

The 12-month warranty on our Fur King products guarantees high quality in terms of materials and construction. Have peace of mind knowing that your dog has the safest and most adorable travel equipment out there.