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Collection: Horse Cleaning And Leather Care

No one can argue against the notion that horses are truly beautiful animals. Strong and majestic, they radiate a sense of vitality, nobleness, and tremendous power. With proper care, your horses can become even more beautiful and outright stunning.

Maintaining your horse’s coat isn’t only a matter of grooming and cleaning. A quality diet can contribute to its shiny and healthy appearance, too. That’s why additives like Equinade Raw Linseed Oil are crucial. This supplement contains nothing but cold-pressed flax plant oil, which abounds in omega-3 fatty acids.

When you get the coat in perfect condition, you should also pay attention to hoof and skin health. And nothing is more suitable for this purpose than Equinade Stockholm Tar – pure Swedish tar from Stockholm’s legendary pine forests. This product will ensure your horse doesn’t suffer from skin diseases or infections, or cracked or split hooves.

But keeping your horse well-fed, clean, and groomed is only one part of the job. Your leather equipment needs to follow suit. After all, mounting a worn-out saddle on a gorgeous horse will immediately diminish the animal’s appearance. That’s why it’s necessary to keep your leather in just as good condition as your equine friend.

Fortunately, there are many products to help you maintain the fresh look of leather gear. You can use Equinade Premium Light Neatsfoot Oil to soften and waterproof the leather. Alternatively, if you like a more textured feel, choose Equinade Natural Leather Dressing, which will make your leather gear impervious to the weather.

In addition to these premium care products, Pet Parlour has numerous solutions to keep your horse clean and your leather gear in prime condition.