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Dog accessories include seat belts, dog beds, jackets, pooper scoopers, travel bowls, and much more. Pet Parlour offers a wide range of accessories for different uses, from everyday items, long-distance travel, entertainment, and home accessories.

If you need an adorable water and food feeder in pink, blue or any other colour, or need a new water dispenser, Pet Parlour has got you covered.

Our accessories offer also includes shoes, notably from True Love and Daeng Daeng.

We have cooling and winter vests that come in different sizes, from 2XS to 2XL. Your pet can get the ultimate in comfort whether they’re a puppy or a large dog.

If you need charming little bandanas to raise the cuteness levels, you can choose from various models and colours.

In our collection, you’ll also find thermal self-heating dog coats by Scruffs, which are the ideal accessory for cold winter days.

We also offer e-collars for surgery or injury recovery, slow feeder bowls, anti-splash bowls, water fountain replacements, whiz clicks, training bells, and more.

As a pet owner, you can relax knowing that everything your dog needs for a healthy, fun, and comfortable life is available at Pet Parlour.

Pet owners looking to train their pets for the doggy Olympics or those who simply want to have fun teaching new tricks can find the tools and training equipment they need.

We collaborate with some of the most renowned dog accessory brands like Mog & Bone, Scruffs, True Love, Fur King, Floofi, Whinhyepet, and many others.

With Pet Parlour accessories, your pup will have the best of times. Whenever they go for a walk, learn a new trick, or want to get cosy for the winter, the high-end accessories offered by Pet Parlour will be there to support them.

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