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Collection: Horse Feeders

As large and powerful animals, horses need plenty of food every day. Their diet isn’t particularly complex – a horse will require quality roughage, certain additives or concentrates, and additional salt. However, the daily quantities of these feeds are massive, with some horses eating more than 10kg of food throughout the day.

Due to such requirements, feeding logistics are worth considering. In particular, you’ll need quality equipment to transfer and supply the feed. Luckily, Pet Parlour has an entire line of products dedicated to that purpose.

First, you can use the handy Prydes Feed Scoop to measure and pour the feed. Then, fill the skip, bucket, or feeder of your choice and transfer the feed to your horse with ease. The feeders come in various shapes and sizes, from the Tubtrug Extra Large 75L variant to the Micro model with a capacity of only 0.37L. If you need to store the feed for later, you can get a tightly sealed cover for the corresponding feeder size.

The variety of products allows you to customise your style. The feeders come in a range of colours, including black, blue, red, yellow, pink, and pistachio. And if you want to make a statement, the black tyre rubber line is the way to go. After all, your feeders can look cool while serving their purpose.

Finally, you can make feeding more comfortable with the Tubtrug Tyre Rubber Hanging Manger, which can be set to a more convenient height. With the right feeding equipment, you’ll have the perfect containers to accommodate your horse’s feed portions. As a result, you’ll reduce wastage and keep your manger cleaner and tidier.