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Toys play an essential role in stimulating your feline friend. They help maintain their well-being and serve as an endless source of exercise. It’s no wonder pet owners put a lot of thought into cat toy purchases, given that these simple products are essential to the health and happiness of their loving pets.

Cat toys are available in a range of sizes, materials, shapes, and patterns. They are made for independent play, but many models are suitable for use with people or other pet friends.

The most popular cat toys include scratchers, lasers, catnip toys, interactive toys, teasers, tunnels, mice toys, and balls. Some are refillable, while others you can replace once the cat loses interest in them.

As you start shopping for new cat toys, it’s important to consider the preferences and personality of your feline friend. While some cats love cuddling with toys, others prefer to chase them.

Does your cat have a history of major apathy toward catnip toys? If so, you can freshen up their toy collection with tennis balls or other toys they can chase after.

Pet Parlour has cat toys of just about any colour, size, and type. Moppy balls, play space bungalows, feather toys, tennis balls, and flicker spirals are only some of our authentic and super fun products.

Our main partner for cat toy products is KONG, a trusted producer of animal toys and treats known around the world.

The market is packed with cat toys, and cat owners often have no idea where to start. Fortunately, Pet Parlour has a special offer of high-quality toys to meet the needs and personalities of most kitties.

Browse our collection of fun, authentic, and affordable toys and provide some special entertainment to your favourite cat. If you’re shopping for cat toys as a gift, you’ll find dozens of suitable options. Happy shopping!