5 Best Dog Harnesses Australia - Buyers Guide 2024

More and more dog owners are opting for harnesses over collars, and it’s easy to see why. Dog harnesses offer plenty of unique benefits, putting less strain on a dog’s throat and reducing the risk of certain health issues. They can make walks easier and more enjoyable for dogs and their owners.

If you’re considering a harness for your dog, this guide will highlight five of the best options on the market.

1. Fur King Ultimate No Pull Dog Harness

Fur King has built up a solid reputation as a leading provider of quality canine accessories. The Fur King Ultimate No Pull Dog Harness is no exception to the rule. It’s another brilliant accessory from a trusted, proven brand, and it could be the ideal harness to use with your dog.

As the name implies, this harness was designed to minimise the risks of dogs pulling while out for walks. So, if you’ve got a dog that tends to pull and drag you around when wearing a collar, switching to this harness could make all the difference.

Its clever design features two separate lead attachments – one at the front and one at the back. If your dog is quite an aggressive puller, the front attachment can work wonders to calm them down and help you have more enjoyable walking experiences. Meanwhile, the rear attachment provides a little more freedom of movement for dogs that have learned not to pull quite so much.

But that’s not all we love about this Fur King harness. We also adore the fact that it’s made from double-layered, fully breathable material, offering complete comfort for your furry friend, and helping them stay cool and fresh, even on hot days. This is a big contrast to certain other harnesses, which can sometimes make dogs feel excessively hot and uncomfortable.

What’s more, this harness also comes complete with reflective nylon straps. So, if you and your canine companion like to step out for evening strolls, it’ll be much easier for you to keep a close eye on your pet, even on the darkest streets.

Available in no less than four distinct sizes to suit all breeds, as well as three separate colour options, this is the perfect dog harness for every situation.

Overall Score 9.5/10

2. Company of Animals Halti Front Control Harness

The Halti harness from Company of Animals is another top-quality dog harness that has been proven to reduce pulling in dogs of various breeds and sizes. It’s a great fit for owners who are tired of having their dogs constantly pulling at the lead whenever they step outside for a walk or head into nature for a hike.

And it’s not just the owners who can benefit from the Company of Animals Halti. Dogs, too, should be much safer and healthier wearing this harness as opposed to a tight collar around their neck. Those that pull on the lead can often end up choking themselves, suffering neck injuries, inflamed thyroid glands, nerve damage, and more.

The Halti helps to prevent all those problems. It has a much larger surface area than a simple collar, spread out across the dog’s chest. This helps to alleviate pressure while also teaching the dog to pull less. In effect, you can almost think of this harness as a healthy training accessory. And, while it might not be as cheap as a collar, it could save you a lot of cash in the long run on veterinary bills.

Another benefit of the Halti is its smart, no-slip design. It’ll stay in place, even if your dog wiggles around or pulls and strains on the lead. And there’s no need to worry about comfort, as the Halti features a nicely cushioned chest panel and soft, gentle webbing. It’s kind to your dog’s body and shouldn’t itch or irritate them in any way.

Overall Score 9/10

3. Fur King Signature Quick Fit Harness

We’re back with Fur King for another top quality: the Fur King Signature Quick Fit Harness. Like the other items on our list, this harness has received rave reviews from dog owners and boasts a lot of advantages, from its clever design to its quality construction.

Arguably, the best selling point of this harness is its ease of use. As the “Quick Fit” part of the name suggests, this harness is simple to quickly slip over your dog’s head and clip into position. In fact, you can set it up and get ready for a walk in a matter of seconds.

The speedy, straightforward design of this harness will really appeal to certain dog owners. If your dog tends to get very excitable and energetic when it knows that it’s about to go for a walk, for example, attaching a regular harness could be tricky – it may take a lot of time and hard work to get all the straps and buckles in the right spots.

With this Fur King Signature harness, you won’t have any such trouble. Just place it over the head, attach the lead to either the front or top metal O-ring, and step out the door. The front ring is great for calming down dogs that pull a lot, while the top option provides additional freedom of movement.

You’ll also notice reflective nylon webbing along the sides of this harness, which can prove useful for evening walks in dimly lit spaces. There’s no need to worry about your dog overheating or feeling frustrated, as this Fur King harness is lightweight, comfy, and breathable. It’s also sold in every size from small to XL, perfect for every breed from Mini Dachshunds to Great Danes.

Overall Score 9/10

4. Whinhyepet Harness

As well as helping to reduce pulling, dog harnesses can be useful for dogs that tend to try wriggling or slipping out of their collars. The Whinhyepet Harness, in particular, is specially designed to be escape-proof.

So, if your dog is a little escape artist, easily slipping free of other harnesses or restraints, this could be exactly what you need to keep them safe.

It has multiple straps going around the dog’s torso, with one set of straps across the chest and two more around the belly, between the front and back legs. This clever design is what makes the Whinhyepet Harness almost impossible for any dog to break free from, providing some much-needed peace of mind for concerned owners.

But even though it’s a pretty tough cookie to escape from, the Whinhyepet Harness is perfectly safe and gentle for your pet. It’s made from nylon-based Cordura fabric, offering a good blend of durability and comfort. In other words, this harness can stand the test of time, but won’t annoy your dog or irritate its skin.

The strong Duraflex buckle adds to the strength and security of this harness, and it’s fully waterproof for walks in the rain. Night-time walks are also perfectly possible in this harness, thanks to a series of 3M reflectors along the sides, boosting visibility in the dark. It’s also fully adjustable, so you can quickly and simply configure the straps to suit your dog’s size and shape.

Overall Score 8/10

5. Mog& Bone Neoprene Harness

A lot of dog harnesses are designed with functionality as the main concern. For many brands, aesthetics is an afterthought, which is why a lot of harnesses look pretty basic and boring, consisting of nothing more than a simple series of straps. Well, Mog & Bone does things differently, and the Mog & Bone Neoprene Harness is one of the best-looking items on the market.

Instantly catching the eye with its cute navy and white pattern, this harness isn’t just a useful addition to make walks more comfortable. It’s also a fabulous fashion accessory for your pet, helping them look extra special and stylish while out and about. So, if you’re an owner who likes dressing up your pet, this is a fine harness to choose.

And it’s not just a good looker. Crafted from top-quality neoprene, this Mog & Bone harness is a strong, dependable, all-weather accessory, perfect for use on summer days or winter nights. It comes with fully adjustable nylon straps and a gentle mesh layer beneath the padding, improving airflow and keeping your dog feeling cool and fresh.

Strong, stylish, water-resistant, and comfortable, this harness has it all. It’s also an effective option for dogs that tend to pull. It helps to reduce the dog’s tendency to tug on the lead while out for walks and can help owners enjoy calmer and more peaceful experiences when taking their furry friends out for some fresh air.

Overall Score 8/10

Make Walkies Safer and More Enjoyable With a Quality Harness

If you worry about your dog’s health while wearing a collar, or if you’re dealing with a dog that does a lot of pulling, it might be time to make an upgrade. Switching from a collar to a harness could be exactly what you and your dog need to have better, safer walks. Make the change today and choose a quality harness from the list above.

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