5 Best Dog Prams Australia - Buyers Guide 2024

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There are many reasons why your dog might
benefit from a dog pram. They might be getting on in years or suffering from
health issues that make it hard to walk. Prams allow you to take them out in
the open air safely and comfortably.

But, of course, to give your pup the best
levels of comfort, you need to invest in a top-quality pram. This guide will
look at five of the finest models to choose from.

1. Ibiyaya Cleo Multifunction Pet Stroller

Ibiyaya has proven itself to be one of the top
names in dog prams and strollers, producing a fantastic lineup of top-quality
products. The Ibiyaya Cleo is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the
finest strollers that the brand has released thus far, offering terrific value
to owners.

Multifunctional design is the big selling
point of this model. It’s not just a dog pram. It’s also a car seat and a pet
carrier, all in one. Owners can quickly and easily switch from stroller mode to
carrier or car seat on-the-fly, without any fuss. And, if you choose to buy the
Ibiyaya Cleo, you could save a lot of cash that would otherwise have been spent
on separate car seats and carriers.

Small and medium breeds won’t have any issues
settling in with Cleo’s spacious cabin. It can handle up to 20 kilograms and
comes fitted with safety leads to prevent escape attempts.

The cabin is also covered with a mesh hood,
providing gentle ventilation and letting dogs look around and see what’s ahead
of them at any time. However, if your dog is a little nervous or you want to
help them rest, the window can be completely covered up. This provides a dark,
quiet, cosy space where anxious or stressed dogs can feel at ease.

Another advantage of the Cleo is its smart
storage solutions. There’s a big storage basket underneath the cabin, ideal for
transporting all those doggy accessories you can’t leave home without. An
organiser and a convenient cup holder are also attached to the handle.

Speaking of which, the handle is ergonomically
designed for user comfort and convenience. It’s a joy to use and fully
cushioned and adjustable to suit your height.

Overall Score 9.5/10

2. Ibiyaya Gentle Giant Dual Entry Pet Wagon

A lot of dog prams are designed to be quite
compact. That might not be an issue if you happen to have a smaller breed, like
a terrier, Frenchie, or Chihuahua. However, it can be an issue for those with
medium or large breeds, leaving them with fewer options. If you have a bigger
dog, there’s no need to despair; the Ibiyaya Gentle Giant Pet Wagon is a terrific option for you.

As the name implies, this particular dog pram
was made with bigger dogs in mind. It’s still not big enough for the largest
breeds, but it’s perfectly capable of transporting dogs of up to 25 kilograms. Whippets,
Aussie Shepherds, and Australian Cattle Dogs are just some of the breeds that
can fit neatly and snugly in this carrier.

The large cabin provides all the space that
bigger breeds need to stretch out and feel safe. It also comes complete with a
removable cushion pad to give some softness beneath your pup’s paws, along with
safety leads for extra protection.

Mesh windows on either side help to provide
ventilation while also letting the dog peek out at the world. The windows are
nicely sized to let light in and allow dogs to look around without making them
feel too exposed or unsafe.

Owners, too, will find several nifty features
designed for their comfort and convenience when using the Gentle Giant. For
instance, the pram has a genuine leather handlebar and a handy back pouch with
multiple pockets for storing dog treats, water, and more.

What’s more, the Gentle Giant has no less than
six wheels, making this pram really easy to manoeuvre around. The front and
rear wheels come with a clever quick-release function for smooth and easy
turns. Meanwhile, the seamlessly swivelling wheels can tackle tight corners
with minimal hassle, even with a big, heavy dog sitting in the cabin.

Overall Score 9/10

3. i.Pet Large Dog PetStroller

Here’s another dog pram designed with bigger
dogs in mind. With a colossal weight capacity of 50 kilograms and a massive
cabin, the i.Pet Large Dog Pet Stroller is the ideal choice for those with larger canine
companions. It’s also a fine fit for owners who have a couple of small dogs and
want to fit them in the same pram rather than having to buy two separate

Whether your dog is disabled, struggling with
mobility issues in its latter years, or not quite capable of walking long
distances for some other reason, this is a terrific pram choice.

It’s made up of top-quality materials
throughout, from the 600D Oxford and linen blend around the cabin to the sturdy
aluminium alloy frame. The 3D PU wheels complete the design, ready to tackle
tough terrain and bumpy roads without suffering any major wear or tear.

Even anxious dogs should feel utterly safe in
the spacious cabin, which comes with an adjustable veil to guard against UV
rays. A mesh window helps to provide airflow to keep pets cool on sunny days,
and you can easily adjust the cover as needed for your pet’s comfort and

When it comes to manoeuvrability, too, the
i.Pet stroller is a dream come true. With 360-degree rotating front wheels and
lockable rear wheels, tight corners and twisty turns pose no problem to this
pram. It’s a breeze to use, and the padded handlebar ensures that your hands
won’t feel sore or tired out, even after long treks around the local park.

The whole thing is water-resistant, too. So,
if you live in a rainy place or want to be able to confidently take your dog
out for healthy fresh air, even on wet days, this is the pram to pick.

Overall Score 9/10

4. Ibiyaya Monarch

Many dog prams are designed with functionality
as the primary concern, with less thought given to style and aesthetics. Well,
that’s not the case with the Ibiyaya Monarch, which is by far one of the best-looking dog
prams on the market today.

Successfully fusing style and functionality,
this pram is both a beauty to look at and a joy to use. It comes with a stylish
two-tone black and gold design. And it’s not just a pretty face. The Monarch is
made up of luxury, premium-grade materials, including a scratch-resistant anodised
aluminium frame and durable fabric cabin.

It’s also a jogger stroller, allowing the user
to easily break into a brisk jog without sacrificing safety or manoeuvrability.
It’s ideal for owners who like to keep fit with their furry friends. The handy
front-wheel lock and rear brakes let you quickly stop when needed, while the
swivelling front wheels allow for curves and turns in the road.

When you get back home, there’s no need to
worry about finding somewhere to store the Monarch. It folds down into a super
slim shape, ready to slot into a little nook or cupboard without getting in
your way. Then, when it’s time to walk again, simply fold it out in a matter of

Like other good-quality dog prams, Ibiyaya’s
Monarch also comes with little bonuses, like a cup holder, a big storage
basket, and a safety lead. In short, it’s got all you need for fun-filled times
with your doggy pal.

Overall Score 8.5/10

5. i.Pet Foldable Dog Pram

Some dog prams can be a little big and bulky,
making them awkward to move around and even harder to store. If you’d prefer
something compact, lightweight, and convenient, the i.Pet Foldable Dog Pram is the pram you’re looking for.

With its one-step fold design, this dog pram
rapidly collapses into a much smaller state. At that point, you can easily
store it away between uses or even carry it in your hands if you need to put it
in the back of your car, for example.

Despite being so lightweight, this i.Pet
stroller is also solid. It’s crafted from durable materials that should easily
last for years of use, giving you many happy moments with your pet.

And, even though the cabin can only hold 15
kilograms, it still provides plenty of interior space for little dogs to stand
up, turn around, and lie down without feeling constrained. So, if you happen to
have a little pup or even two tiny dogs, they can feel right at home in this

We also have to mention this pram’s wheels. With
solid metal bearings, strong EVA shells, and powerful shock absorbers, they not
only turn smoothly but can easily take a hit without letting you down.

Overall Score 8/10

Enjoy Safe, Comfortable Walks With the Best Dog Prams

With a good quality dog pram, you won’t have
to simply keep your pet cooped up inside or watch them struggle to walk. You
can easily and conveniently take them outside for fresh air and adventures at
any time. So, if you and your pup could benefit from a pram, consider one of
the items featured in the list above.

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