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A guide to Australian calming dog beds

Just as we love to sink into a warm and welcoming bed after a long day, our four-legged friends are also partial to a comfortable night (or day’s) sleep. Ensure you are both relaxed and ready for slumber by choosing one of the best calming pet beds for your pooch.


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A guide to calming dog beds

Calming beds allow your pup to have a peaceful snooze and alleviate feelings of nervousness. They are great for treating separation anxiety, a condition that occurs when a dog becomes hyper-attached to its owner and becomes distressed when left alone.

There are plenty of luxury beds on the market, and one cannot deny the cuteness of platform beds or the aesthetic appeal of pet sofas. However, a calming pet bed has a very special feature that mimics the comfort that is passed from mother to pup.

New-born puppies are wrapped up safe and sound in the security of their siblings. This cosy memory is one they carry with them for life, and one owners can replicate for them with a quality calming bed.

Choosing your a new sanctuary of rest and relaxation for your furry friend can be a difficult task. Luckily for you we have created the ultimate guide to calming dog beds, featuring all you need to know about these canine couches.

Why you should invest in a calming dog bed

Sometimes marketed as an anti-anxiety bed, a calming dog bed can help soothe your pup if they are worried or nervous. Having a calming dog bed in your home can be the perfect way to calm your dog in the case of fireworks, thunderstorms, or being left alone.

A dog's safe haven

A calming dog bed provides a safe place for pooches to retreat to – especially if their favorite human isn’t home right now. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety or just really loves your company, being left alone can initially be confusing and distressing.

Dogs are born in litters, surrounded by puppy brothers and sisters. They are used to huddling up and experiencing the power of touch. As dogs grow up, they still remember the joy of cosy snuggling and this is something that all good calming dog beds replicate.

The benefits of calming dog beds

There are many benefits of calming dog beds. As the name suggests, these soft furnishings can help your pooch relax by providing a safe space when they are feeling nervous. They also have the following advantages:

• Your dog will learn how to better handle stress. Instead of your anxious dog pacing the floors or resorting to destructive behaviors, they will know that they can find comfort in their own safe and calming haven.

• The bed will provide support for joint pain. The best calming dog beds are especially designed to feature raised edges. These higher sides help to prevent stress on your pup’s neck and joints.

• Your dog will benefit from a more restful sleep. Us humans know that a comfortable bed makes all the difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. This also applies to dogs! A soft and cosy bed can help them get more quality sleep, setting them up for lots of play and cuddles the next day.

• Whether they are a cheeky puppy or a more senior dog, your pooch will reap the rewards of good sleep in other areas too! Quality slumber improves immune system, brain development, memory, and learning capacity.

The best calming dog beds

When looking for new anti anxiety dog beds, there are many significant factors for dog owners to consider. Firstly, what kind of style would suit your four-legged friend? No, we don’t mean are they more of a dark blue or brindle fan. (Although bed colors are also important things to consider).


The main styles of calming beds are donut, bolster, cave, self-warming, and orthopedic. They each suit dogs of various sizes and needs. To authentically replicate the newborn sensation, faux fur beds are a fantastic option.


Speaking of size, most beds have different features that are best suited to certain dog breeds. Donut beds are ideal for small dogs, while bolsters will be suitable for large dog breeds. Getting the right sized bed is important as it should allow your dog movement but still be snug enough to provide the calming cocoon effect.

Easy to clean

Of course, any bed you buy should be from a reputable seller and made from entirely pet safe materials. The best dog beds should also be dirt resistant, machine washable to tackle any stains or smells, feature a luxurious filling, and include human-grade cushions. After all, our pets deserve the best!

The best calming bed: the all-rounder Fur King from Pet Parlour

It can be difficult to find a bed for anxious dogs that ticks all the boxes, but we think Pet Parlour are onto a winner with their Fur King range of affordable luxury dog products.

Whether you need a bed to help with joint and muscle pain, or a drying jacket to keep your dog warm, you can find quality accessories at Pet Parlour.

Alongside orthopedic foam beds and car hammocks is their star attraction: the Australian Made Calming Dog Bed - Version 2.0. The compact size options are great for smaller dogs, while the head and neck support is beneficial to older dogs.

A reminder of puppy comfort

These quality products are made using pet-safe materials for ultimate peace of mind. With premium cushions and washable vegan plush faux fur, this is a standout solution for your pup. Pet Parlour have utilised innovative design technology to produce a bed that expertly recreates the comfort and security that a dog experiences at birth.

Round and palatial, the entire bed is made from super fluffy, short, soft faux fur to allow your pup to sink into a heavenly state of relaxation. The bed’s raised edges provide neck and head support as well as a comfortable solution to muscle and joint pain.

In addition, the high sides offer an enhanced sense of security without feeling like a barrier – your fur baby is free to come and go as they please, though we would bet that they will never want to leave this gorgeous bed!

Machine washable

One of the most important factors for beds to deliver on is being easy to clean. We all know how dogs love to roll around in mud. They can even get so messy without you realising, and so a washable dog bed is definitely a necessity.

Pet Parlour’s calming bed is machine washable, with a removable cover that can be easily unzipped and slipped back on after cleaning. To ensure your pooch stays at low heat while they nap, the high-quality faux fur covers are made with breathable fabric.

Committed to sustainability, Pet Parlour’s beds are filled with recycled PET fibre to breathe new life into your pup’s fabulous furniture.

The brand that gives back

A brand with a social conscience, Pet Parlour also support animal charities while giving your pooch the comfort they deserve. For every Fur King product sold, Australian company Pet Parlour gives $1 to Maggie’s Rescue Sydney, a welfare charity that work to place dogs with foster families.

Pet Parlour’s non-toxic Fur King Australian Made Calming Dog Bed - Version 2.0 is available in four sizes to suit your dog breed, and four colors to suit their individual sense of style! Not all calming beds are made equal, but the outstanding features of this faux shag fur makes Pet Parlour the calming dog bed best pick.

Cleaning your calming dog bed

We know that the soft and warm bed you choose must be able to be machine washed, such as Pet Parlour’s super soft donut style dog beds, but how exactly should you clean it?

A good guideline to follow for cleaning your calming bed is to wash every one to two weeks. Small to medium dogs may generate less mess, but pups are full of surprises!

For the best results, we recommend that you clean the dog's bed on the gentle cycle of your washing machine. If your pup is eager to have their bed back – which we think most dogs will be! – you can even pop the cushion and removable cover into the dryer on a low setting to make it as good as new.

All good beds such as Pet Parlour's are machine washable, but if you prefer you can also handwash the inner cushion for long term usage. If handwashing, use slightly warm water with a mild soap or detergent.

How to choose a calming dog bed

If you are in doubt over which size anti-anxiety dog bed to choose, Pet Parlour have a handy online tool to help you decide. Simply choose your dog breed from the extensive list, and the Calming Dog Bed Size Calculator will provide an estimated bed size. Pet Parlour products are suitable for all breeds, including small and medium dogs, large dogs, and elderly dogs. The calculator will even recommend a bed for very large dogs.

How to use your calming bed

Purchasing a new calming dog bed can be incorporated into a training program to treat conditions such as anxiety or introduced to your pup to improve sleep and relaxation.

The bed’s superior comfort can help to relieve anxiety and prevent more serious problems such as loss of appetite, destructive behavior, and even a shorter life span.

Anti-anxiety beds work great when personalized to the needs of your dog. You can fill it with your pup's favorite things, such as a loose blanket, toys, and puzzle games. Anything that helps to ease your dog's anxiety is a useful addition to their new calming bed.

When dogs are stressed, they love receiving fuss from their favorite person. Treating them to massage and physical contact as they cosy into the soft faux fur material is sure to help them relax.

Helping your dog manage stress in a healthy and productive way is one of the best things you can do for your pet. In choosing the best calming dog bed, this task is easier than ever.

Whether your dog prefers to always nap in their donut bed or use it to indulge in a peaceful relaxation session, you can sleep easy knowing they are happy, healthy, and comfortable.