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Ultimate guide to using dog hair clippers

All pet owners love leaving the professional groomer with a perfectly preened pup in tow. Seeing your dog's fur looking silky and glossy is a satisfying experience that we wish would last forever.

However, it feels like we have barely left the salon when your dog is once again sporting matted hair. Just as us dog owners only trust the finest styling tools for our own hair, dogs requires some TLC using suitable grooming equipment. You may have a professional dog groomer on speed dial, but did you know that you can take care of all of your own dog grooming needs without even leaving the house?

By using high-quality dog tools such as Pet Parlour's Dog Hair Clippers, you can have the confidence to look after your pet's fur whether you are a beginner groomer or a seasoned professional. This guide to using dog clippers will tell you all you need to know about grooming your pet's hair.

How often should I trim my dog's hair?

The frequency of home grooming really depends on the type of dog, but the guidance is that you should cut your dog's hair every four to eight weeks. If you have a dog with long hair - such as a Shih Tzu, Poodle, or Yorkshire Terrier - they will need regular haircuts. Their long locks can become tangled so frequent dog grooming will keep these dogs hair looking fresh.

Pet grooming of dogs with thick fur and a thick undercoat is not recommended as clipping can disrupt their hair growth patterns. You can instead keep your double coat pet clean with detangler sprays and shampoos.

Grooming 101

Before we get into choosing the right tools and grooming your pet to perfection, there are a few golden rules when it comes to trimming your pet's hair at home.

  • Use dog shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for their coat type. Never use human beauty products on your pets as they contain chemicals that can be toxic to animals
  • Do not try and treat any injuries or wounds yourself. If you notice something is wrong, consult your vet
  • Always use dog clippers that are specially designed for use with pets. Tools such as Wahl clippers and Pet Parlour clippers have been manufactured with suitable power levels and are suitable for use on your pet. Human clippers may look similar but there are many differences between the two, such as blade size, speed, temperature, and noise level. Trimming human hair can involve hot clippers that do not bother us, but would be dangerous for our pets
  • Make sure you read all of the instructions that come with your clippers and grooming tools before you begin using them
  • Research the correct blades for use on dogs with thick and fine hair


How do I choose the right pet clippers?

Choosing the right dog clippers is crucial to ensure you are protecting yourself and your pup. With the right tools, you can turn your dog's coat from matted and mangled to soft and silky. Giving your dog a haircut can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes, and so it is important that both you and your pooch are comfortable throughout the pampering session. As you start regularly trimming your dog, you will realise how important the right clippers can be.

All clippers are not made equal, and can wildly vary in quality, cost, and functionality. When looking to invest in clippers, there are certain characteristics that you should consider.

Weight of the clippers

However often you will be using clippers to groom your pup, you will want to feel safe and comfortable doing so. Choosing a "weighty" clipper will help you to keep a steady hand and be aware of the areas you are trimming. Of course, the clipper should not be too heavy as this can make your hand and arm tired after only a few minutes . If a cumbersome clipper forces you to stop half way through, you could end up leaving your pup with a dodgy haircut!

Selection of clipper blades

Investing in a good quality clipper set will allow you to reap the rewards when it comes to tidying up your pooch. If your pup's coat continually grows in a straight, wavy, or curly pattern - as is the case for certain breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, and Poodle - then being able to change the clipper blade size is a huge advantage. Using a different size blade will allow you to leave your dog's coat longer, or trim shorter depending on your preference and the time of year.

If your dog has particularly matted, thick, or tangled hair, you can attach skip tooth blades to your clipper. This blades must be used carefully to avoid cutting your dog.

Purchasing the right blade will provide the freedom to trim your dog's coat to a desired length time and time again.

Types of blades

We know that investing in a selection of blades will provide great options when it comes to trimming your dog's fur, but how do you choose the right size blades? Fortunately, there are a number of snap on guide combs designed to work with extra blades to give your dogs that gorgeous professionally groomed look at home! The key to using the right blade is remembering that the higher the number of the blade, the more hair it will remove. Some of the standard blade lengths available are:

#0, #1, and #2 blades

These snap on combs are ideal for longer lengths

#3, #4, and #5 blades

These blades will give your dogs a shorter look

#15 blade

A #15 blade will allow you to keep your dog's coat at a longer length

As a general rule, blade length #5 is ideal for a short haircut as it is a very safe blade that cuts through hair well. It is not too short and will give your pup a fuzzy rather than shaved look.

If your dog only needs a light trim, a #3 blade will leave around an inch of full and fluffy fur. With #3, your pup will look beautifully neat and tidy.

Noise level of the clippers

Many dogs would not think of grooming as an enjoyable experience. We can't blame them for not wanting to sit next to a whirring blade that causes loud noises when they can be scampering around looking for new adventures! This is why a quiet and soft sounding clipper is a great choice to make clipping time that bit easier.

The Dog Hair Clippers from Pet Parlour are an ideal choice as they are cordless, heavy-duty, low noise, and made using the highest quality materials. Learning to use dog clippers properly can be a daunting prospect, but this pet groomer kit contains all of the accessories you need to make trimming dogs a breeze.

Even with super-quiet clippers, you may find that your dog is suspicious of the new grooming tool that has joined the family. You can familiarise your pup with the clippers by holding them when your dogs are in the room. Allowing them to see that clippers are not scary can pay off when it comes to haircut time.

The Dog Hair Clippers from Pet Parlour are especially designed for pet owners who want to trim their dog's hair at home. Within the kit is a clipper with a sharp and safe ceramic blade, while the rechargeable built-in li-ion battery means that you can get up to five hours of use from one charge.

As mentioned above, the noise level of clippers can be a worry for owners who fear that their dog will run a mile as soon as they are switched on. Pet Parlour's clippers are manufactured with innovative sound technology to reduce the friction between the blades and your pet's fur. The result? Noise absorption that will put your dogs at ease ready for their much-needed trim!

Included in this kit is not one but four guard clipper combs, which provide excellent choice to beginners and professionals alike. With 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm guards, you can trim your dog's fur to your exact required length for each season - whether you groom only one dog or have several pups to trim!

How do I trim my dog's hair?

So, you know which tools to buy for your pup's new hair cut. But how do you use them? Follow these tips to achieve salon results in the comfort of your own home.

Check your tools

First, you need to make sure that your tools are in working order. By taking some time to do a quick maintenance check, you will protect your dog, yourself, and your tools.

These are the things that you should do before you start trimming:

  • make sure that the clipper blades are sharp and free from rust or broken teeth
  • if your clippers are rechargeable and cordless, make sure that they are completely charged before use. You don't want to run out of battery mid-groom!
  • apply clipper oil to the blades before you use them. This will prevent the blades from getting stuck in your pooch's fur and will help them to last longer
  • use clipper coolant to keep the blades from getting too warm as a hot blade can burn your dog

Prepare your pup

Clipping your dog when they are clean and have a dry coat will give you the best results and won't damage your tools. Give them a bath and dry them completely.

Brush your dog, making sure that the hair is clean and tangle-free. Run a dog comb through all of the fur to check that your pooch is ready for clipping.

If you find that your pooch's fur is very matted and preventing you from brushing through, you should leave this clipping session to a professional groomer. Trimming a dog with a matted coat carries a higher risk of injury. After your groomer has removed the tangles, you can begin to clip your dog yourself on a regular schedule to keep their fur fresh and smooth.

Plan your workspace

Finding a suitable place to clip your dog is very important, especially if they are the type to never sit still!

If you are pushed for space, a dry bathtub is a great place to trim your dog. The confined space will prevent your pup from running away and also keeps the hair in one place for easy clean up.

You may find that your first DIY grooming session wasn't as scary as you feared and it was in fact a pleasant experience for all involved. If you decide that trimming your dog at home is more convenient and cost-effective than visiting a professional, you may wish to invest in a grooming table. They provide an elevated surface so you can avoid bending down and enjoy a pain-free bonding experience with your dog. As a piece of furniture specially-made for clipping your pet, many tables feature a leash loop to prevent a fidgety dog from leaping onto the floor.

Hold the clippers with the flat side of the blade along the skin

Make sure you keep the clipper blade flat to avoid cutting into your pet's skin. The cutting edge of the clippers will glide through the coat, removing as much hair as the guide comb allows.

If you need to, use your free hand to hold your dog's body still, gently pulling your dog's skin taut to allow the blade to move smoothly through the fur.

Figure out which way to cut the hair

Most professional groomers will clip with the lay of the coat, moving the blade from the head towards the tail and from the shoulders and hips down towards the toes.

On the flip side, some dog owners find that clipping against the lay of the coat provides the best results. It will leave the hair a little shorter than the length indicated on the guide combs, but this technique can provide a more even cut.

The best clipping technique can depend on the breed of dog and their hair type. To figure out your preferred method, you can try both ways on your dog's underbelly and check the results of how much hair the clippers have removed.

Don't forget the finishing touches

Once you have used your clippers to groom your dog and are happy with the length, you should finish up by checking you haven't missed any spots. Brush and comb your dog again to find any uneven patches, then re-clip those areas. To trim around your dog's head, feet, and tail, you should do a scissor cut. You can find a quality pair of scissors in the Pet Parlour Dog Hair Clippers set.

Keep out of reach of nosey pups!

Make sure you store your clippers, comb attachments, scissors, and any other tools in a dry place to prevent rust, and a safe place to prevent your dog mistaking them for chew toys! Keep your tools properly maintained for your DIY clipping sessions and you will reap the rewards of extra time and saved cash.

Now you are fully equipped to start grooming your pride and joy.

Follow our tips, invest in quality tools, and you will give most groomers a run for their money!