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Can dogs eat Strawberries?

Strawberries, a summer favorite, enjoyed by humans across the globe due to their sweet and succulent nature. Not only are they incredibly tasty, but they harbor a host of health benefits whilst also counting for one of your five a day! But can you serve strawberries to your dog? The answer is a resounding yes! Strawberries are safe for most dogs, so your dog is able to enjoy these beautiful healthy fruits as part of a balanced diet!

How to Feed Strawberries To Your Dog

Strawberries are the perfect healthy snack for dog owners to feed to their dog, especially in hot summer weather when they are in season. However, before feeding your dogs strawberries, you need to prep them first, just the same as if you were eating them yourself!


Organic strawberries or fresh strawberries are the best to serve, but you can also serve unsweetened frozen strawberries to your dog as part of their diet. If you do decide on frozen strawberries ensure that they are unsweetened with no added preservatives, sugar or sweeteners which can harm your dog.

You should never give your dog fresh strawberries that have been dipped in sugar, or canned strawberries for this reason as the syrup they come in often contains additives that can be dangerous for your dog.

Fresh or organic strawberries should be washed and rinsed before you feed your dog. This it to remove any grime, dirt or bugs that may have collected on their surface when they are harvested. You can even harvest strawberries from your own garden!


The green leaves as the top of the fruit should also be removed as if you were serving them to a person, and any harder or unripe sections should be removed. Care should be taken to ensure the strawberries have not gone bad or begun to rot, if you wouldn't want to eat it then your dog probably wont either!


We know, your dog probably cannot wait to start munching on their little juicy healthy treat, but before you let your dog eat them, you must figure out how to serve.

The important thing here to note is that strawberries - alongside any food - can pose a choking hazard to your dogs, as they are larger and solid fruits, and so should be sliced and diced before serving. This is especially important for smaller dogs.

To make them even more safe for dogs, you can chop them up into small chunks so that they are bite sized pieces, or even blend fresh fruit with frozen strawberries into a refreshing dog safe smoothie for a healthy treat, just ensure the fruit used is safe for dogs. While dogs can eat strawberries there are other fruits that are toxic to dogs.

Unusual Ways to Serve Your Dog Strawberries

If you want your dogs to eat strawberries or you want to include more strawberries in your dog's diet, you can always sprinkle some finely chopped strawberries over your dogs normal food. This is great for dogs who usually turn their noses up at strawberries or are hesitant to try new food, especially as part of a weight management routine.

If you're in a warmer place in the world try pureeing your strawberries together, pouring them into a bottle and freezing so that your dog can enjoy licking as a tasty treat full of healthy nutrients and a refreshing way to cool down on a hazy summers day.

Health Benefits of Feeding Fresh Strawberries to Your Dogs

If you've ever found yourself wondering can dogs eat strawberries for health benefits, the answer is a resounding yes. While there are fruits and vegetables that dogs cannot eat, strawberries are not one of them, and should be enjoyed as a great low calorie treat.

There are a plethora of reasons why strawberries are beyond normal dog treats but should actually be considered a healthy snack.


Strawberries are an incredibly refreshing fruit and this is because they have a high water content. They're great to hydrate your four legged friend especially during hot weather or exercise-heavy days.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important vitamin a dog as it helps to support their healthy immune system and improve their energy.


Omega-3's are extremely beneficial for your dogs skin and coat health.


Strawberries like other healthy fruits and vegetables are packed full of fiber, which like human foods, is great for dogs. Fiber aids in digestive health and bowel regularity, so is great to sneak into your dogs diet!

Other Health Benefits

On top of the above, strawberries are generally packed with goodness for your dog. They support weight management, improve dental health and even contain an enzyme to whiten dog's teeth! On top of all of this they contain natural sugar, which your dog is sure to enjoy.

When Are Strawberries Bad For Dogs?

So, not only are strawberries safe for your dog, they should be used as a great way to feed your dog a sweet treat which is good for your dog's health. However, when does a sweet treat turn into too many strawberries? Read on to find out!


Most dogs will be fine with strawberries, but as with people, dogs can have allergies. When introducing any new food or dog treats you should be very cautious incase this reveals an allergic reaction to strawberries. keep an eye out for any adverse or negative effects, and if you think you see anything ensure to whisk your four legged friend straight to the vets. A lot of people will even consult their vets before introducing any human foods to their dog.


As previously mentioned, some strawberries will contain additives, preservatives and added sugar. When buying strawberries for dogs, these should be avoided at all costs, as these chemicals can be harmful and even dangerous for your dog.

Too Many

As you feed strawberries to your dog, be aware that like humans, consumption of too much fruit can lead to some digestive problems such as stomach pain, loose stool or constipation. To avoid an upset stomach, limit the portion sizes for your dog, ensure small dogs eat even less.


Even though you should feed your dog strawberries, you should also be aware that strawberries contain natural sugar, which can amount to too much sugar in some. if you have an overweight dog or a dog that suffers from diabetes, the sugar content of strawberries should be taken into consideration before your dog eats them.

If Dogs Eat Strawberries, Can They Eat Other Fruits?

Whilst feeding your dog fruit as part of a balanced diet is encouraged, so too is doing the proper research into what fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs. Other berries that are dog safe include; blueberry, raspberry and cranberry - although cranberry has a bitter taste which may put your dog off.

Certain fruits are totally toxic to dogs and should be completely avoided under all circumstances. One of the most toxic fruits for your dog are grapes and raisins, therefore dog owners should be very mindful around these. You should always conduct the proper research before feeding your dog new foods to avoid accidental poisoning!

Important to Remember

Whenever you introduce new foods to the diet of your dog it is important that you monitor them for any reaction. If your dog exhibits symptoms such as a stomach upset or vomiting, seek medical help.

If you follow the guidance on preparation and serving, you can feed your dogs strawberries as a healthy treat as part of a balanced diet.