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Ultimate Guide To Using Dog Nail Grinders

With regular visits to professional groomers, luxurious shampoo sessions, and therapeutic brushing time, it can seem like most dogs are better primed than us humans!

Whether your pet is a pampered pup or a low maintenance pooch, one thing that should not be neglected is your dog’s claws. Your dog’s health and happiness depends on the condition of their nails – perhaps more than you realise. If your pooch is left with long nails, they may start walking funny which puts pressure on the paw pad and claw bed. If dog nails are left to grow too long, they can crack and curl into the paw, causing painful infections and serious risk of injury.

We know that cutting your pup’s nails is important, but why does it have to be so stressful? While we may see a manicure as a relaxing luxury, our four-legged friends can become frightened by the process. Add into the mix your own anxiety about accidentally trimming your dog’s nails too short with a conventional cutter, and this phase of grooming becomes an unpleasant experience for all involved.

An alternative to dog nail clippers are grinders – a safe and stress-free tool that could alleviate anxiety for both you and your pooch. With super simple assembly and use, the Pet Parlour Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder is the perfect option for worry-free grooming. Offering much more than a standard nail grinder, Pet Parlour’s product includes special features to make the cutting process even easier.

Why do dog nails need cutting?

For your pooch, every day brings a new adventure. Their claws are essential in helping them explore the world around them, so must be in good shape. Their dog nails are paramount to their activities and are in use every time your pooch digs in the same spot of your garden, convinced that buried treasure lies underneath, or when they eagerly taste the delicious treat you have hidden inside their favourite chew toy.

How to know when your dog’s nails need cutting

It is recommended that owners cut dog nails every four to six weeks. You can often tell when it is time for a trim by listening out for your dog walking on hardwood floors. If you can hear clicking as the dog's nails touch the floor, they need trimming. For many dogs, their nails naturally wear down as they walk and run across surfaces that have a coarser grit. If you have an older dog that does not regularly exercise on a hard floor, you will need to trim their nails more often as their nails won’t be wearing down naturally.

Is it better to grind or cut dog nails?

As one of the most stressful grooming stages, taking care of your dog’s nails is a task that many of us dread. There are both pet nail cutters and dog nail grinders on the market, and they can both be suitable depending on your pooch. Nail clippers and cutters can appear rather intimidating and can be tricky to use.

When using cutters, you must be careful to avoid nicking your dog's quick – the pinkish section near the top which contains blood vessels. Cutting the quick will be painful for your dog and may also lead them to associate nail grooming with pain, making dog nail trimming even more difficult in future. Nail clippers must be sharp to ensure an even and neat trim. If your grooming tool of choice is a cutter, you should ensure it has a nail guard to help protect the nail quick. When tending to your dog's claws, accidents happen so it is handy to have some styptic powder in your home to stop bleeding. You can pick this up at pet supply stores.

Using dog nail clippers requires a very steady hand so if you are already nervous about grooming your dog, they may not be the tool for you. Thankfully, there is an alternative in the form in nail grinders. A grinding tool is an effective way of trimming dogs nails in a safe and secure way.

An electric pet nail grinder does require more set up than a conventional cutter and can mean that you need to attend to your dog’s nails more often. However, they can often make dogs more relaxed and ready for grooming. Many pet nail grinder models feature rubber grips and a diamond bit to provide more control to make for a more enjoyable experience all round.


Are dog nail grinders any good?

The idea of a pet nail grinder may seem scary, but they do in fact provide much more control than traditional nail cutters. They act like a nail file, buffing down your pet's claws for a comfortable feel. Using a nail grinder is an easy way to take care of your dog’s claws at home and save a trip to a professional groomer. However, not all grinding tools are made equal. They may all give the end result of shorter and smoother pet's nails, but the process can be unnecessarily stressful. One tool we have found to be a standout option is the Pet Parlour Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder.

The Pet Parlour Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder is a rechargeable nail grinder tool that can make nail care sessions much more pleasant for both you and your pooch.

Australian-made, this dog nail file boasts the following amazing features:

Low Noise Nail Grinder

You may have avoided using a nail grinder, believing them to be noisy and disruptive and therefore not a comfortable tool to use. More conventional pet nail grinders can be overly loud which does not help to put a nervous dog at ease. Pet Parlour have designed their nail grinder to make as little noise as possible to help relax your pup. The tool motor is as quiet at 50 dB – softer than the noise of a conversation!

LED Light

When it comes to trimming your dog’s nails, one of the biggest risks is that of taking the nail too short and causing pain and bleeding. This is unfortunately possible with both nail clippers and grinders, but Pet Parlour have created a tool that greatly reduces this risk thanks to its built-in LED light. This feature comes in handy for dogs with light and dark nails to help prevent pain when it comes to the nail trimming process.

The automatic LED light illuminates your pet's nails as you grind to provide a clearer view of the blood vessels inside the nail – the area to avoid!

Two Speeds

Pet Parlour’s tool manages to provide two speeds while still delivering quiet grinding. The options of 7000 rpm and 8000 rpm allow for faster trimming at the top of the nail and slower, more controlled nail clipping towards the bottom of the claw. The two grinding speeds also allow for more customised grooming of your dog, no matter their size.

Cordless and Rechargeable

With other nail grinders, the time and effort you save is outweighed by the cost of the AA batteries required to keep the tool running. Pet Parlour have pioneered a solution with the Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder which comes complete with a USB rechargeable battery to save money long-term. Each charge provides up to three hours of function, and the tool can even be used without cords. The USB port means that the tool can be charged via your phone adapter or power bank, or even in the car. It is a compact tool perfect for travel.

Double Grinding Head and Easy Cleaning

With a double grinding head that works in a circular motion, filing down nails of small and large dogs is easier than ever. The Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder is also simple to clean thanks to its detachable head cover that provides easy access to the grinder.

With the Pet Parlour Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder, you can confidently take care of your pooch’s paws. With each use, they will put their trust in you to make nail trimming day much easier. With this best dog nail grinder, healthy nails equals a happy dog and an even happier dog owner!


How do you use a grinder on a dog's nails?

Firstly, you should show your pooch that this new tool is a good addition to the home. If your dog is particularly anxious around new things – people, places, and objects – it is a good idea to familiarise them with the nail grinder before you use it.

Familiarise your dog with the tool

When you have a grooming and nail cutting session planned, switch on the grinder over a few days or weeks while sitting next to your dog to allow them to get used to the sound. Enabling them to see that this new tool is not something to be scared of will help when it comes to trying it out. When it comes to using the tool, make sure to select the correct grinding band before you begin.

Prepare the paw for grooming

Nail grinders are suitable for all dogs, including those with dark colored nails, but if they have long fur around the nails you should ensure that you trim it down during paw handling to prevent it from getting caught in the grinder.

Take your time and follow these steps

When it comes to the actual grinding process, there are a few tips that pet owners should follow to trim your pup’s nails safely and securely:

  • With the paw extended, press gently to grind a small part of your dog’s nail at a time while firmly but gently supporting your dog's paw. You should be prepared to stop if your dog starts to struggle
  • Work on one nail at a time by gently applying the grinder to the bottom of the nail tip before slowing bringing it up and around to the top of the nail tip. When you reach the top, work back down to the starting point.
  • For dogs with black nails, the quick will not be as easy to see. Ensure you gradually grind the claw in small increments to avoid nicking blood vessels
  • Repeat the process until you have removed the sharp tip, being careful to not grind the dog nails too short
  • Be sure to smooth any rough edges once you have removed as much length as needed. A finer grit is great for rounding off just the tip
  • Repeat these steps for each of your dog’s nails and they can enjoy their new neat and tidy manicure!


Experiment with different attachments

You can find grinders and attachments that feature different size stones and grit sanding bands, so try various types to see what works for you and your dog. Depending on your dog's claw type, you may find that a finer, medium, or coarser grit works best.

Don't let your dog decide when grooming is over

Using a grinder on dogs nails can provide more control than using conventional guillotine style cutters. It is important that you also retain control of the situation by deciding when the grooming is finished and not letting your pooch run off before the end!

Reward your dog for good behaviour

Positive reinforcement is a very powerful tool when it comes to dogs. You can train your pup to behave during claw trimming time by rewarding their desirable behaviour. Following the grooming session, you should award their patience with praise and a tasty treat. This will help them to see that not only is nail care not as scary as it seems, but that their investment results in a delicious return!

The benefits of using a nail grinder to trim your dog’s nails make them the preferred choice for many dog owners. With precise cutting, they ensure that your pooch’s paws are comfortable and suitable for more digging for gold and wrestling with toys. Using the best nail grinder from Pet Parlour can put your dog at ease and allow them to safely continue with tomorrow’s adventures.