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As humans, we dedicate plenty of attention to how we look. We go to the hairdresser, wear flattering clothes, and make sure our nails are well-manicured.

But what about our pets? After all, since we enjoy seeing a tidy, beautiful dog, why not make your pup look their best, too?

Certain dog breeds benefit greatly from hair trimming. And if you have a particularly lively pup that loves to get into bushes and high grass, some hair shortening might be necessary to keep them looking good and feeling healthy.

A similar consideration applies to a dog’s nails as well. Overly long nails can impede your pet’s mobility and get entangled in different materials or even the pup’s own hair. Dogs naturally keep their nails in check by walking or running on rough surfaces, but not every dog has conditions for such maintenance.

The solution for all these issues comes from the Andis line of products. The manufacturer specialises in dog clippers and nail grinders that can help your pup look so well-groomed, you’ll be anxious to show them off.

You can choose the professional-grade Andis Clipper Pulse ZR II which features ceramic-edge blades and a removable lithium-ion battery. Or you could opt for the Andis Clipper AGCB Super 2-Speed, a quality clipper with two speeds for ultimate precision.

When it comes to nail care, you won’t need anything else but the Andis CNG-1 Nail Grinder Cord/Cordless 2-Speed and the Andis CNG-1 Nail Grinder Replacement Accessory Pack. The former is the clipper itself, while the latter is a set of replaceable grinding and finishing stones.

With the top-quality products from Andis, your pup can be clean and presentable at any time. Check out the current offer from this premium manufacturer at Pet Parlour and choose the right tools for your needs.