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Collection: Australian Naturals

Australian Naturals proudly supplies a wide range of quality, natural, Australian products. They are passionate about sourcing and sharing life-changing products that get ‘back to basics’ while improving health and life. And they haven’t forgotten about our pets.

Using natural products is a great way to look after the health of all pets, regardless of breed.

When used in a grooming or therapy product, they clean and moisturise without leaving your dog’s skin or coat dried out and irritated.

And natural food and pet accessories reduces the amount of toxic chemicals that your dog or cat absorbs or ingests over time, which can accumulate in the organs and tissues and has been linked to brain, nerve, and liver damage and even cancer.

Australian Naturals offers a unique range of the highest quality Baltic Amber collars for both dogs and cats. These are extremely popular in Europe and the USA and catching on fast in Australia.

Baltic Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory that is worn for joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, and anxiety. It also acts as a natural tick and flea repellent.

If you’ve never heard of Baltic Amber, here is a quick picture of how it works.

Amber stone contains natural essential oils. When worn as a collar, the aromatic and chemical substance released from the amber is absorbed into the coat of your cat or dog. It acts as both an aromatic and electrostatic repellent to keeps fleas, ticks, and mites away.

The oils released from Baltic Amber mimic the piney smell of the sap that trees bleed to protect themselves from parasites (by trapping them in the sticky resin). When parasites smell this on your pet’s coat, they perceive it as a threat and stay away.

Baltic Amber also provides a second line of defence against parasites by making an electrostatic charge through friction with your dog or cat’s fur. The amount of static electricity produced is so small that it is completely undetectable to your pet but is enough to shock ticks.

Amber is a natural deterrent but not a fail-safe so you should always regularly check for fleas and ticks.

The substances in Baltic Amber may also act as an anti-inflammatory, provide natural pain relief, calm anxious behaviour, and settle skin conditions.

The raw and unpolished Baltic Amber collars offered by Australian Naturals is the most effective amber to use.

In addition to their Baltic Amber collars, Australian Naturals offers a unique Pink Goop Equine Massage Gel. This is a water-based massage gel that contains homeopathies, flower essences, reiki energy, organic comfrey, and arnica.

Apart from having a very cool name, Pink Goop is excellent for bruising, strains, aches, and pains. It is non greasy and easily penetrates your horse’s hair.

When you buy from the Australian Naturals range, you can be confident they have done all the hard work researching products and ingredients to ensure they are pure and have health benefits without the nasties.

Every product bought will also be supporting an Australian business