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Balanced Life offers a range of healthy, grain free dog and cat food products and treats that are made from premium ingredients, packed full of superfoods, hormone free and not genetically modified.

The team at Balanced Life is dedicated to innovation and the ‘nutritional power of a raw and wild diet that is gentle, natural, and sustainable’. They pride themselves on having created the most enhanced pet cuisine on the market.

Balanced Life’s exclusive range of air-dried raw foods and treats is perfect for Aussie pet owners who know the importance of raw meat protein in their dog’s diet.

Their gentle air-drying process preserves the natural, nutritional value of raw meat.

Balanced Life offers two different formulas of food for dogs.

Enhanced – a super-premium kibble that is made up of 80% grain-free meaty kibble enriched with superfoods such as molasses, faba beans, flaxseed, kelp powder, alfalfa, lentils, chia seeds and heaps more. Many of the minerals are combined with amino acids to make them easier to absorb. This is a sure sign of a quality product.

The other 20% is air dried raw meat pieces. This is the only super premium grain-free kibble in Australia to include gently air-dried raw meat pieces. The result is a delicious meal for dogs that is closer to nature and cares for their body.

With a choice of chicken or single animal protein kangaroo and salmon recipes you are sure to find a recipe your dog will love.

Rehydrate – this is Balanced Life’s flagship product. It offers the innovation of a raw diet that is 100% air dried, so it’s compact, easy to carry, store and feed. Just reconstitute at home with water before feeding and you have all the benefits of a raw diet with the convenience of kibble – simply brilliant!

Every 1kg bag of Rehydrate is made from 4kg of fresh raw ingredients including 100% single source raw meat protein (choose from salmon, lamb, chicken, or kangaroo) blended with superfoods including alfalfa, kelp, coconut, and cranberries.

In addition to their food range, Balanced Life offers a range of clean, healthy, protein-packed companion treats and chews that are all gently air dried. You can choose from kangaroo, beef, lamb, and venison. Or for something a little different, wild boar or crocodile.

Sourced from the highest quality Australian ingredients, their treats are packed full of flavour, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential trace elements for maximum nutrition.

With zero fillers, zero grain & zero gluten, it’s great to know that the treat you are feeding your best friend is also a real treat for their health.

Balanced Life products come in a range of different sizes and most of their products are suitable for all breeds and life stages. They are working on releasing food formulas that are healthy and tasty for cats, but why not start out by trying their companion treats for cats?

All the meat and most of the superfoods, vegetables, fruits, and minerals that make up Balanced Life’s range are sourced from Australian suppliers who adhere to strict Australian quality standards and approvals.

Balanced Life is proudly family-owned and independent. Its’ food and treats are air-dried in the company’s kitchens in Howlong, NSW, powered by the largest thermal solar cell in the southern hemisphere to maximise the nutritional value for your dog and support the environment.