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Keeping your pup happy and safe is easy enough within the security of your home. You can set up where your pets eat and sleep, where they go, and how they spend their day. Yet, that’s not as easy to do when you need to go outside for longer. And things get more complicated if your pup is too small for longer walks, injured, or weary of the outsides.

In other words, going outside might not always be suitable or comfortable for your dog. Luckily, you can make the experience completely enjoyable and make your pet feel safe and cosy while getting plenty of fresh air.

Ibiyaya has a line of products intended for that very purpose. The manufacturer offers a line of pet strollers for all occasions. For starters, there’s the Travois Tri-fold Pet Travel Stroller System, which is easy for transport. You can pack the stroller in your car effortlessly when taking a trip or fold it not to take up too much space in your home.

If you don’t want to make your pet get in and out of the stroller multiple times, the CLEO Multifunction Pet Stroller & Car Seat Travel System will be ideal. As the name implies, this system is suitable for car rides as well as walks. Take a stroll with your pet or detach the box from the wheel construction and transfer it to the car seamlessly.

Owners with multiple pets will also find perfect solutions with Ibiyaya products. The Double Decker Pet Stroller for Multiple Pets allows you to take several of your furry friends outside at the same time. And if you enjoy a more active time outdoors, the Happy Pet Trailer / Jogger with Bicycle Attachment 2.0 will let you and your pup have some faster-paced fun.

If these offers look appealing, feel free to check out the entire line of Ibiyaya products at Pet Parlour.