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Taking care of a dog or cat can require additional work on the owner’s part. Of course, you’ll give your pup or kitty the best food available to eat and engage with them physically and mentally to help them develop. But that’s not the full extent of your responsibilities.

Like people, dogs and cats also need to maintain proper hygiene. Plus, our four-legged friends may develop behavioural or health issues that will need to be resolved.

In such cases, Fido will likely have the solution.

Fido has a line of products that help you take care of your dog or kitty and its living space. For example, Fido’s Chew Stop Spray is ideal for pets that won’t stop munching on furniture or shoes. This bitter spray will serve as a repellent, discouraging your dog or cat from chewing on objects in your home.

Other Fido products will keep your pet in great shape overall. You can ensure they don’t have problems with worm infections with Fido’s Allwormer Tablets – a product that staves off tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and all other types of similar pests.

You can also keep your pet clean and give them a complete treatment with Fido’s White & Bright Shampoo and Conditioner. The manufacturer has an entire line of products for you to choose from depending on your personal taste and your pet’s preferences.

And if you have a white fur breed that has tear stains, you can keep your pet’s face clean and shiny with Fido’s Tear Stain Remover.

Fido has everything you may need to keep your dog or cat clean, parasite-free, and satisfied. Better yet, your home will benefit from a cleaner, healthier pet as well. You can find premium Fido products at Pet Parlour. Browse freely and choose the options that suit your pet the most.