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Collection: Frontline Plus

Frontline flea protection is one of the most effective health essentials that keep your dogs and cats healthy and flea-free. 

Fleas can be challenging to get rid of, and if you want to cuddle and kiss your pets at every opportunity, there is a risk that the fleas will leap onto you and even get into other places around your home. Frontline provides a range of effective products that will eliminate the risk of this happening. 

Both Frontline and Frontline Plus products ensure safety from harmful parasites that can feed on your pet for up to three hours. Fleas and other parasites are a significant problem, and if you do not act quickly, they can cause severe issues, including disease spread that could cause infections for your pets.

If you want to provide immediate protection for your cats and dogs, you can trust Frontline to do the hard work for you. Instead of laboriously combing through your pet’s coat, Frontline Plus delivers exceptional results that will keep your pets happy and healthy, while also reducing flea problems around the house. For every flea that you come across, they could be nearly 100 more that you do not know about. This is why Frontline Plus is such an effective shield against possible problems. 

These products include the dependable Frontline Plus, but also Frontline Shampoo for pets of all ages. Whether you need flea and parasite protection for your puppies and kittens or your adult cats and dogs, Frontline is the solution. 

Frontline Plus is easy to apply and suitable for short and long-hair animals. By applying it over the entire coat, including the tail, limbs and under the collar, you are guaranteed reliable protection that won’t interfere with your pet’s health. 

For dogs, Frontline works best when applied every 12 weeks. To protect cats from fleas, make sure to apply the straightforward Frontline every eight weeks. If you live somewhere prone to paralysis ticks, applying Frontline every three weeks will do the trick. This routine will give you and your pets the confidence needed to have fun anywhere you go, whether this is in your garden or going on one of your memorable adventures. 

The Frontline spray comes with a range of guidelines that give you all the information you need for effective application. This information includes the amount of spray required depending on the size of your pet, how thick the coat is, and whether you are protecting against fleas or paralysis ticks. 

All Frontline products are safe for pets and ensure a healthy and glowing coat in addition to the flea and tick protection. By ensuring you carry out paradise protection and excellent coat care, you can rest easy knowing that your pets are safe and sound from a variety of problems that could impact their health. 

Our pets are always considered an integral part of the family. So, you should always strive to take as good care of them as possible, just as you would anybody else who lives in your house. With Frontline products such as Frontline Plus and much more, you and your pets can enjoy a healthy and happy home environment that is full of fun.