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Quality nutrition is crucial for dogs to develop properly and stay strong and healthy. For that reason, dog food should have sufficient amounts of protein, fats, carbs, minerals, and vitamins. Furthermore, these essential nutrients need to be balanced to ensure optimal results.

Getting the nutritional balance right yourself can be challenging. Without clear guidelines, it will take several attempts and some experimenting with different ingredients to get the food mixture that suits your pet. But with Hills dog foods, that kind of guesswork isn’t necessary.

Hills dog food comes in numerous variants that are scientifically produced for dogs of all sizes and nutritional needs. For instance, Hills Puppy is suitable for younger dogs of any breed while Hills Dog Adult is the ideal solution for developed dogs.

There are more specialised nutritional solutions on offer, too. If your pup needs to lose some weight, the Hills Dog Adult Perfect Weight will help them do just that. Better yet, this carefully crafted food presents different options for small and large dog breeds.

Weight maintenance isn’t the only aspect of doggy wellbeing that Hills dog food can improve. The manufacturer also provides tasty food for better oral health – the Hills Dog Oral Care. This food is intended to give your dog all of the nutrients they need while keeping their mouth clean and healthy.

On the other hand, adult dogs can experience mobility issues as they age. Fortunately, Hills has a solution for these problems in the form of Hills Dog Adult Healthy Mobility. Like the Perfect Weight variant, this food is also varied to accommodate smaller and larger breeds.

Whether you want to address your pup’s health issues through nutrition or simply give them a complete, balanced food, Hills will have just the solution. Check out the complete selection of the manufacturer’s products at Pet Parlour.