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100% Australian made, Hypro Pet Foods will satisfy all of your dog’s nutritional needs. Originally the manufacturer for the fantastically popular Australian brand ‘Meals for Mutts’ they’re now launched their very own dogfood brand DogPro, which is already seeing the same success. Focused on being as l natural as possible, there’s a kibble available for all dog types, providing complete nutrition for all breeds. 

The Value of Good Food

The tried and tested standard of DogPro is True Value dog food, which provides exactly what the name suggests. Low-cost, it is suitable of all non-working dos, providing all of the protein and vitamins they need to be healthy and nourished. With such a high standard brand, it’s hard to imagine anything better, but Hypro saw that their customers wanted more choice in their pet food. Our dogs are our best friends, and sometimes, they deserve the best.


If you’re ready for a dog food that’s even more luxurious, it’s time to consider Hypro Premium. The brand-new dog food from Hypro, it’s different to DogPro in a number of ways.

With different versions catered to the nutritional needs of puppies, working dogs and adult pets, what really makes Hypro premium different is the quality of the content. With flavours such as ‘Kangaroo and Lamb’ and ‘Ocean Fish’, these foods take it to the next level.

Only the Best

But it’s not just decadence. These foods provide superior nutritional value to a lot of brands on the market today. Focusing on leaner meats with less saturated fats, the ingredients are 100% Australian, and 100% natural. No artificial colours or flavours are going to be given to these special pooches!

  • Quality – Hypro Premium guarantees that the food it sells is quality, and has the nutritional balance that dogs need to stay healthy
  • The Good Stuff – this range is packed with heathy oils and fats, as well as natural antioxidants such as rosemary and superfoods like blueberry and cranberry.
  • Promotes Health – this kibble promotes natural immunity, as well as being anti-inflammatory and good for the joints.
  • Gluten Free – this range is also gluten-free, something that more and more dogfood manufacturers see as essential, due to the impact gluten can have on a dog’s digestive system. 

Alongside the original complete and balanced True Value dog food and the Hypro Premium range, DogPro has also expanded their offerings to include SuperVite and DogPro Plus. These foods are carefully tailored to meet specific the specific needs of adult, puppy and workings dogs.


SuperVite is a low-cost dried dog food that still provides complete nutrition for your dog. Made from only the best ingredients, it’s oven-baked in Sydney to provide the best locally sourced food in the country. The Everyday Happy Dog is the perfect balance for the ‘lazy house dog’ and can be given to any breed of non-working dog. There’s also a working dog version with higher protein contend for both very active large breeds and working dogs.


What makes DogPro Plus different is the fact that it is enriched with eggs – all sourced from farms close to Hypro’s Sydney manufacturing plant. Not only do eggs make a wonderful natural binding agent in kibble, they are also a great source of protein. The vitamins found in eggs keep your dog’s coast shiny and strong and can help prevent skin problems.


Coming in two tasty flavours as well as a working dog option, DogPro Plus also has version specially tailored to meet the needs of puppies. A more delicate blend to be gentle on stomachs, it contains all of the nutrients needed for a growing pup and is gentle on the teeth and gums.


As if this all wasn’t enough, Hypro even has a food dedicated to racing greyhounds. Packed full of the protein and amino acids needed to keep the dogs in tip-top condition, this food can increase muscle strength and stamina. Any greyhound owner knows that they are providing their dog with the best energy source possible when they shop with Hypro.

Every one of Hypro’s pet food products provides dogs with only the best quality ingredients. No matter what breed of dog you have, they’re sure to love the taste of Hypro products, and you’ll notice how healthy and energetic they are when eating it. 100% Australian made food, 100% natural, 100% happy dogs.

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