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Collection: Hypro Dog Food Review and Deals


100% Australian made, Hypro will satisfy all of your dog’s nutritional needs. Originally the manufacturer for the fantastically popular Australian brand ‘Meals for Mutts’ they’re now launched their very own dog food brand, which is already seeing the same success. The Hypro premium range is focused on being as natural as possible and is completely Australian made. There’s a kibble available for all dog types, providing complete nutrition for all breeds. 

One of the biggest benefits of the Hypro premium range of pet foods is that there is such a huge variety to choose from. They have a number of different ranges that target different breeds and types of dogs, so you can ensure they are getting the right nutrients for their needs.


Hypro Pet Foods was established in 1998 with one primary focus: to produce food for rural farmers. After being approached in 2002 to 2005, they became a contract manufacturer for a larger firm, bringing their wonderfully balanced pet foods to a much larger audience.

Through dedicated research and development, Australian made Hypro is made with real vitamins and minerals that cater to the well being of your dog. It was in 2006 that the company developed a whole new recipe for pet food that was wonderfully balanced with natural antioxidants and no artificial colours or flavours. This was when they launched their own brand Dogpro onto the market. They have since become one of the largest producers of premium dry dog food and have expanded their brand to also offer Dogpro Plus, Super Vite, Dogpro Game On and Greyhound Racer.

Their pet food products are all Australian made and owned, with finely crafted ingredients that will help your dog grow and thrive.


Hypro's approach to premium dog food relies on choosing the best ingredients for their pet food products and creating wonderfully balanced pet food. Their premium dog food not only tastes great, but is full of the right vitamins and minerals for your pet no matter their lifestage or breed. Made with real ingredients and no artificial colours, you can rest assured your pet is getting the best when it comes to their nutrition.

Each of their pet foods contains the superfoods your dog needs to make it through the day. With the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, protein, fat and carbohydrates, your dog will have the energy they need to go about their day. From running around at the dog park, to playing fetch in the backyard, these pet food products have everything your dog needs.

Hypro's Australian made pet food also contains a number of other nourishing ingredients, which include:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fibre
  • Prebiotics
  • Essential fatty acids, such as amino acids


Our pets deserve the best, which is why choosing the right premium dog food for them can be tough. Our dogs need six basic nutrients: water proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. All these essential ingredients need to be included as part of their healthy diet, which is why the Hypro premium range has so much to offer. If you’re ready for a premium dog food that’s even more luxurious, then it’s time to consider Hypro Premium. The brand-new dog food from Hypro premium range is different to DogPro in a number of ways.

With different versions catered to the nutritional needs of puppies, working dogs and adult pets, what really makes Hypro premium dog food different is the quality of the content. Flavours such as Hypro Premium Chicken & DuckHypro Premium Kangaroo & Lamb take it to the next level, so your pet isn't just getting the nutrients they need, but also enjoying a range of delicious flavours as well.

It's not just adult dogs that can benefit from Hypro Premium as they make a superb for for puppies too called Hypro Turkey and Lamb for Puppies. This particular product has been specifically crafted to give your puppy the best start in life possible. Each piece of kibble is packed with the vitamins and minerals your puppy needs to help their development. There are no artificial colours or flavours, it's simply made with real meat and ingredients that your puppy can benefit from.


The Hypro range also features this specially formulated Greyhound food source that offers this particular dog breed the right nutrition for their specific diet. Hypro is an official supplier to Wheeler Greyhound Kennels, setting dogs up with the power to race and win.

This Hypro premium product contains a unique blend of essential body building proteins, amino acids and minerals, so your Greyhound can maintain their stamina, speed and endurance. Cheaper dog brands don't offer your Greyhound the healthy and well-balanced diet they need and deserve. Are you wondering how to tell whether or not your Greyhound is thriving? This will show in their coat, skin and eyes. If they are getting all the nutrients they need in their diet, they will have a bright, shiny coat, and clear eyes.

By purchasing this Hypro premium product, you are ensuring your Greyhound is receiving all the nutrients they need in their pet food. It's one less thing you have to think about when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your canine friends.


But it’s not just decadence. These foods provide superior nutritional value to a lot of brands on the market today. Focusing on leaner meats with less saturated fats, the ingredients are 100% Australian, and 100% natural. No artificial colours or flavours are going to be given to these special pooches!

  • Quality – Hypro Premium guarantees that the food it sells is quality, and has the nutritional balance that dogs need to stay healthy
  • The Good Stuff – this range is packed with heathy oils and fats, as well as natural antioxidants such as rosemary and superfoods like blueberry and cranberry.
  • Promotes Health – this kibble promotes natural immunity, as well as being anti-inflammatory and good for the joints.
  • Gluten Free – this range is also gluten-free, something that more and more dogfood manufacturers see as essential, due to the impact gluten can have on a dog’s digestive system. 


The Dogpro range from Hypro has been finely crafted to supply your dog with super premium pet food ingredients that will help them develop and grow. Your pets will benefit from the natural vegetable oils, which help them maintain healthy skin and lustrous shiny coat. This Hypro range comes in three different products:

  1. Dogpro Original Working Dog: provide your dog with the right balance of ingredients for a quality diet, no matter their life stage. A working dog needs as much energy as possible to get them through the day and look after their well being.
  2. Dogpro Original Adult Dog: this premium dog food is highly recommended for everyday companion dogs. It is finely crafted with essential body building proteins, amino acids and minerals.
  3. Dogpro Original True Value: this is Hypro's low cost oven-baked kibble that has all the ingredients your dog needs to thrive. It has been designed to help your dog maintain their diet and is perfect for all breeds.


The Dogpro range from Hypro caters to dogs from all stages of life, giving them access to the best diet to suit their needs. Their range is specifically suited to highly active domestic, large breed and working dogs. It caters all the way from puppies to adults with their super premium ingredients and large variety or vitamins and minerals. You can choose from three products:

  1. Dogpro Working Plus: this high-energy and protein formula has been specifically created for working dogs. It offers a wonderfully balanced nutrition, packed full of superfoods that give active dogs the energy they need to get through the day. Whole eggs are used as a premium source of protein, finely crafted to support your dog's well being.
  2. Dogpro Plus Adult: this particular product comes in two delicious flavours. Choose from Beef (superior quality made with real meat) and Chicken and Veg. Both pet foods contain the perfect nutrients to support a healthy diet in your dog. Offering a premium source of protein, they support muscle function and development, along with your dog's overall well being. They use the freshest ingredients and are wonderfully balanced with essential components required for a healthy canine.
  3. Dogpro Plus Puppy: let's not forget the puppy stage! This super premium product provides an optimum balance of protein and fats in a finely crafted formula that is easy to digest for little bellies. It offer the best quality made with real meat, packed with Australian made ingredients that will help your puppy grow and develop in their formative years.


If you have an active hunting dog, then it goes without saying that you need to provide them with a super premium diet that they can benefit from day after day. The quality ingredients offered by their Hypro range will keep your dog in peak physical condition, so they can do what they do best: hunt!

Hunting dogs need a high fat, high protein diet with plenty of carbohydrates to keep them going. Dogs are used for hunting in a large variety of ways. Some are used to locate and flush out deer, others are used to locate, bail and hold feral pigs. Some dogs are used for birds, rabbits, hares and foxes. These dogs have been well trained in the task expected of them, but they still face many challenges. While hunting they can suffer from heat stress, dehydration, tick paralysis, as well as cuts and lacerations. This is while their diet is so important. A pet food that provides them with the right nutrients can make all the difference.

There are many key benefits that come with this Hypro premium range:

  • Provides the right nutrition for your dog, packed full of proteins to help repair their active muscles that get a workout each and every day.
  • It is rich in essential oils that helps keep your hunting dog as healthy as possible.
  • The kibble isn't just full of premium ingredients that benefit your dog, but also tastes delicious. Your dog will thank you for it!


The Super Vite premium dog food range has been crafted to offer an every day low priced option for pet owners. It is still 100% Australian made with the freshest ingredients so you can rest assured your dog is still receiving a quality diet. This range comes in three super premium products:

  1. Super Vite Everday Happy Dog: this Hypro product is perfect for all breeds, no matter what life stage they are in. The kibble is made from quality ingredients to promote good health and well being in your dog.
  2. Super Vite Working Dog: the super premium working dog range from Hypro is made from real meat and provide optimum fat levels to keep your dog going all day long. It is packed full of superior ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  3. Super Vite Everday Happy Dog (4kg or 8kg): do you have a lazy household dog on your hands? This quality kibble has been designed just for them! The Australian made pet food is packed full of nutrition to promote good health in your pet.

We all want our dogs to get the best in life, and this starts with their diet. No matter whether they are a lazy house dog or a more active hunting dog, the Hypro premium range caters for all. They have a number of different pet foods packed full of quality ingredients to ensure your dog is getting everything they need and more. It's about being able to meet their energy needs, which will be different for each and every dog.

When it comes to keeping your dog healthy, nutrition is everything. But it's also important that they lead a healthy lifestyle as well. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of walks - or runs at the dog park, as well as the attention they need from you.