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Dog worms can be downright scary. These unpleasant pests may cause various health problems and even spread. A worm-infected dog may spread the condition to other pets or even people, although this isn’t true for all types of worms.

These intestinal parasites can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and dehydration, among other symptoms. At worst, an infection could even lead to stool blood, pneumonia, weight loss, and the blockage of the intestinal tract.

Suffice it to say, worms are unwelcome guests that can give you and your pup plenty of hardship.

With Milbemax, you don’t have to worry about the nasty parasites and the adverse effects on health they can create.

Milbemax products are a potent answer to worm infestations and may prevent infections of particularly dangerous parasites like the heartworm, roundworm, whipworm, hookworm, and tapeworm.

The Milbemax Dog 2 Tabs Over 5Kg Body Weight resolve worm-related issues with only two tablets. All you’ll need to do is give your pup the treatment every three months. However, when it comes to heartworm prevention, it would be best to use the treatment monthly to keep the harmful parasites away.

And if you have a dog of a smaller breed, don’t worry – Milbemax has a product specifically designed for small dogs – Milbemax Small Dog 2 Tabs 0.5 – 5Kg Body Weigh. It functions the same as its counterpart for larger dogs.

Milbemax products are very efficient in keeping your pup safe from intestinal parasites. However, you shouldn’t apply the treatments without the input of a professional. Check whether there’s an existing infection first and consult your vet before giving your dog the treatment.

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