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A raised dog bed provides certain unique benefits that regular beds may lack. Firstly, an elevated position will isolate your pup from the floor, helping them stay cooler in the summer. The dog will also be out of reach of fleas, and the same goes for the dirt and hair that may gather under the bed.

Raised beds offer a different kind of comfort compared to regular ones. They are firmer, more supportive, yet soft enough to stay cosy. These features are particularly important when it comes to dogs with arthritis or similar issues. Finally, if your pup is a dedicated chewer, getting them a raised bed will mean one less opportunity for the dog to practice its skill.

Pet Parlour has an exceptional offering of specialised raised dog beds, such as the Superior Framed Heavy Duty Flea Free model. These beds come in different sizes to accommodate any breed. They are washable, very durable, and surprisingly comfortable. Superior’s raised beds come in two colour variants: black and camo. Regardless of the option you pick, you’ll have an easy time maintaining the bed in perfect condition.

You can browse the complete offer of Pet Parlour raised beds and pick the right one for your pup. Chances are you’ll find them the best resting spot they’ve ever tried.