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Our dogs require similar things like we do in order to stay healthy and happy. They need quality food for proper nourishment, plenty of exercise to keep their bodies in shape, and mental and emotional stimulation for overall wellbeing.

But we may forget another important factor regarding our pets: quality sleep. Just like people, dogs need a comfortable and cosy place for rest so they can recover from a day full of activity. Snooza specialises in products that facilitate the most relaxed sleep and napping.

Snooza supports healthy puppy sleeping with a range of dog beds, starting with an item designed to help train your pup to sleep in its rightful place. The Snooza 2 in 1 Convertible Graphite Training Crate is ideal for getting your dog accustomed to a separate sleeping spot.

Once the pup learns to nap and rest on its own, you can start upgrading its bed. Snooza has classic solutions like the Cuddler, Cool Cuddler, or the Multimat Crate Mat for Crates & Raised Beds. These beds and mats are made of quality materials and feature a streamlined but sophisticated design.

For dog owners who want more stylised solutions, Snooza offers a line of dog beds that are equal parts comfortable and aesthetic. For instance, the Chaise Lounge adopts a rectangular design more akin to an actual lounge sofa, while the Ortho Snuggler improves on that design.

Finally, if you want to add a healthy dose of cuteness to the cosiness and functionality, there’s the round-shaped Hoodie Cuddler. With a line of products designed to keep your pup safe and comfy while looking great, Snooza is the perfect solution for dog owners who know what they want. You can browse the entire collection from the manufacturer on the respective Pet Parlour page.