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Collection: Vetalogica Naturals

Vetalogica is a family-owned, Australian company created by Raymond and Scott Shahidi, two pharmacist brothers. 

While working in pharmacies, the Shahidi brothers noticed that a lot of customers were seeking human supplements to give to their pets. They were concerned that if this were happening all over Australia, our pets could be facing serious problems.

An so, they developed the Vetalogica range of safe and clinically researched pet supplements to address health issues in dogs and cats. After seeing their family dog suffer from severe skin irritations, they were inspired to get back to the kitchens again to develop a soothing, natural, grain free pet food blend.

Today, Vetalogica Naturals Pet Foods offer a range of quality pet supplements, treats and foods that help many dogs and cats with their nutritional needs.

All their products are crafted in small batches in the Vetalogica kitchens in Sydney, under strict Australian Standards.

The team at Vetalogica works closely with local Australian farmers and suppliers to make sure only the most nutritious ingredients are used in their foods. They source their meats from ethical Australian farmers who share a core value that all animals should be raised with kindness and respect. This results in happier and healthier farm animals, as well as high-quality meat inclusions in their pet foods.

Vetalogica prides itself on offering natural pet supplements, treats and foods with no grains, corn, wheat, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, glutens, or genetically modified organisms.

Their extensive product range includes formulations for puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats.

Supplements (chews) and VitaRapid Nutritional Treats – designed to deliver a range of benefits including joint support, oral care, improved digestion, healthy skin and coats and a healthy immune system. The range includes a blend of multi-vitamins specifically formulated for older pets and a calming blend that can be used to reduce anxiety and stress.

Australian Naturals Treats – these are some of the most nutritious and natural treat choices on the market. The treats for both dogs and cats have been designed to mirror their natural diet and use the highest quality, farm-fresh Australian ingredients. Think succulent chickens, delicious peas, sun-ripened fruits, and vegetables such as kale and tomatoes.

Hemp Clinicals – organic, non-intoxicating hemp treats and supplements that are carefully packed full of omega fatty acids and naturally occurring complete protein. This range includes treats for calming, for hips & joints, for skin & coats, and 5-in-1 multivitamin treats.

Naturals Grain Free Food for Dogs and Cats – cooked in small batches to ensure freshness and using only natural, quality products sourced from Australian farms. These products are grain-free and enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals. Then each batch gets a superfood boost (from peas, egg protein, pumpkin, fish oil, beet, spinach, blueberries, tomatoes, ground flaxseed, chickpea flour and yucca) to help support digestion, muscle growth, metabolism and much more.

Biologically Appropriate Food – that mirrors the grain free and high protein diets that the primitive ancestors of our dogs and cats thrived on in the wild. These foods are designed to meet standards of excellence for biologically appropriate pet food that relate to providing for a high protein diet, a variety of meat, full prey portions and the use of ethically raised Australian meats and natural ingredients.

If you want healthy, nutritious, ethical food and supplements for your pets that are of the highest quality, check out the Vetalogica range today.