Best Dog Beds Reviewed - Australian Buyers Guide 2024

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Join us as we review 5 of the best dog beds in Australia.This guide is here to help. Below, we’ll recommend five of the finest dog beds money can buy.

One of the best feelings in the world is curling up in a cosy bed at the end of a long day. Well, dogs feel the same way. They love having a soft, comfortable space of their own to relax in, and your pup will be eternally grateful if you buy them a superb bed.

1. Fur King “Ortho” Orthopedic Dog Bed

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from orthopedic dog beds. Dogs can, too, and the Fur King “Ortho” Orthopedic Dog Bed is one of the best options around.

As the name implies, this highly comfortable dog bed has an orthopedic-first design. That means that it supports and promotes the natural resting position of bones, joints, and muscles of your dog’s body. This is healthy and helpful for dogs of all ages, but it’s particularly useful for those that are getting a little older.

Older dogs tend to be more likely to have joint issues and aches, but the “Ortho” bed can provide some pleasant relief. It also provides a great base for healthy skeletal development in younger dogs, as recommended by leading Australian vets.

With its high-quality memory foam design, the Fur King “Ortho” effectively softens and changes shape to suit your dog’s outline and build. It cradles and comforts their body like a cosy cloud. At the same time, it also provides that all-important support for the legs, hips, spine, and other key areas.

This dog bed also comes complete with a smooth, water-resistant cover, along with a soft topper. The cover acts as a barrier, protecting the elegant foam interior against mites, mud, and any little accidents from your furry friend. Meanwhile, the topper provides some bonus softness, making the bed even more comfortable.

You can remove both the cover and topper any time you like and wash them in the machine, making this one of the easiest dog beds to clean. Plus, both the cover and topper are reversible, so you can get twice as much use out of them, simply by flipping them around.

You also won’t need to worry about the bed being too big or small for your canine companion. With four different sizes to choose from, ranging from small to XL, it’s easy to find the right fit. Not only that, but you can even customize your purchase, decorating the front of the bed with your dog’s name, so there’s no doubt about who it belongs to.

Product Rating 9.5 /10

The Fur King Ortho has also been reviewed by Australian Vets.

Fur King "Ortho" Orthopedic Dog Bed - Pet Parlour Australia

Dr Kate B from Queensland 

"The ortho dog bed is incredibly well made. The supportive cushioning is well designed to provide a comfortable base for your dog that supports all their joints, including their neck with the elevated sides.

All dogs, and especially those with orthopaedic issues will really benefit from having this specifically-designed bed to rest on. It's also super hard-wearing and easy to clean!"

Orthopedic Dog Bed by Fur King | Fur King Ortho - Pet Parlour Australia

Dr Hannah D from Queensland 

"The “Ortho” dog bed is a high-quality, incredibly well-designed orthopaedic bed. The two layers of memory foam with an anti-slip base make it ideal for patients with orthopaedic disease such as osteoarthritis. The water-resistant and machine washable cover make it perfect for any accidents which may occur with incontinence in elderly or disabled pets.

My geriatric Golden Retriever with osteoarthritis absolutely loves this bed and I would highly recommend it for all my patients."

2. Fur King “Aussie” Calming Dog Bed

If your dog tends to get a little worked up or nervous during the night, the Fur King “Aussie” Calming Dog Bed is the perfect solution. This furry, fluffy bed is the perfect “happy place” to calm down your pup, making them feel warm, safe, and at ease.

The first thing that stands out about this calming dog bed is its thick, fluffy design. Even though it’s made for dogs, you might be tempted to take a quick nap on it. It’s designed to be super gentle and soft on your dog’s skin, while the human-grade cushions underneath offer plush, padded comfort.

With its softness and fluffy cover, this bed is effectively designed to mimic a mother’s embrace, making your dog feel less lonely and scared. It’s the perfect option for dogs that get a little anxious from time to time. For example, if your pup gets scared during storms or when left alone, this dog bed can help them calm down.

You’ll also feel calmer when you learn how easy it is to clean and maintain the Fur King “Aussie” bed. If your pup happens to have a little accident or steps on the bed with muddy paws, you’ll have no trouble cleaning it up. The cover is easily removable and 100% machine washable, so it can be as good as new in no time.

Plus, with four sizes ranging from small (60cm) all the way up to XL (115cm), it doesn’t matter what size or breed of dog you’ve got. This bed can fit every pup, from the littlest Dachshunds to the biggest Great Danes. It’s also available in a pleasant mixture of colours, from standard black or white to grey, blue, and brindle, so you can easily find the right fit to match your home’s interior.

Product Rating 9.5/10

The Fur King "Aussie" was independently reviewed by 2 Queensland based Australian veterinarians.

Fur King "Ortho" Orthopedic Dog Bed - Pet Parlour Australia

Dr Kate B from Queensland 

"The calming dog bed is super luxurious. It's made of a soft fluffy material that makes your dog feel cosy and warm, with a thick well-cushioned base that provides comfort off the floor. We got the extra large, which has plenty of space for our 30kg girl to stretch out, while also being able to snuggle up against the upturned sides.

The design allows your pooch to feel safe and secure, like a warm hug. My girl really settles when she is in her calming bed, and has a good restful sleep all through the night."

Calming Dog Bed by Fur King | Fur King "Aussie" | Australian Made Dog Bed - Pet Parlour Australia

Dr Hannah D from Queensland 

"The ”Aussie”calming dog bed is such a beautiful, luxurious pet product. The human-grade cushions are so comfortable and the vegan faux fur covers are so soft you’ll just want to spend all day snuggled up with your dog in this bed. The raised rim helps your pet to feel secure and the cover is machine washable.

I have observed multiple anxious patients curl up in this bed as soon as it arrived! I would highly recommend this incredible Australian made product."

3. Snooza – Cuddler

Easily one of the most comfortable dog beds of them all, the Cuddler is made from some of the softest, plushest material available. It also features Snooza’s very own proprietary filling material: Snoozafill. Crafted from a blend of recycled PET fibre and high-grade Aussie-made foam, the Snoozafill filling will help to make this bed your dog’s favourite place to be.

In addition, the Cuddler’s clever and practical design includes a zipper you can pull back to access the Snoozafill filling material. This allows you to move the filler around and refill spaces that might be looking a little flat due to the way in which your dog sleeps.

Another useful aspect of the Cuddler’s design is its non-slip base. Thanks to this, the bed shouldn’t slip and slide around, even if it’s placed on wooden or vinyl floors. So, even if your pup is pretty energetic and rolls around a lot, the bed should remain exactly where it is, and you won’t have to worry about it ending up on the other side of the room.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the Cuddler continues to impress. You won’t have to worry about any little spots, marks, or spillages with this bed. It features a removable, machine-washable cover. It’s suitable for washing at 40 degrees Celsius, and you can either air dry it or pop it into the tumble drier on the eco or low-temp setting.

With four sizes to choose from and no less than seven unique styles, including everything from chinchilla-style fur to mock lambswool, it’s easy to choose a Cuddler that suits both your dog and your home.

Product Rating 8.5/10

4. Mog & Bone 4 Seasons Reversible Circular Dog Bed

One of the issues with some dog beds is that they can be a little too warm and fluffy. Those kinds of beds are ideal in the winter, helping your pup feel warm and happy, even on frosty nights. However, thick beds can be overbearing and uncomfortable during the warm summer months, particularly for pups with double coats.

The Mog & Bone 4 Seasons Reversible Circular Dog Bed does things differently. This bed has a unique, reversible design. One side is aimed at summer use, with gentle, natural cotton that feels soft and pleasant, siphoning the heat away from the dog. The other side is lined with silky, plush fleece, perfect for the colder times of year.

This truly is a bed for all seasons. It’s the ideal choice for people who live in areas where the weather changes greatly from season to season. It’s also a good match for fussy dogs who need a bed that is just right in terms of comfort, support, and temperature.

The cotton side is super for summer. It works really well at keeping your pet feeling cool and fresh, even on those hot and sticky days. It’s also very gentle on the skin, ideal for any dogs who may be sensitive to polyester or blended fabrics. Meanwhile, the warm winter fleece section feels like a cosy hug on cold days.

The Mog & Bone 4 Seasons also has a sustainable design. It features an eco-friendly recycled polyester filling, appealing to anyone who likes to live a green life. Plus, with its sleek and chic blue-and-white-stripe design, it fits flawlessly into almost any style of home. If all that wasn’t enough, the whole bed is machine washable, too, so it’s a very easy-clean, low-maintenance choice.

Product Rating 8/10

5. Scruffs – Manhattan Box Bed

Some dog beds can look a little out of place with your home’s aesthetic or take up too much room. If you’re looking for a classy and luxurious option that’ll blend beautifully with your living space while providing all the comfort and support your dog needs, meet the Scruffs Manhattan Box Bed.

Part of the elite Manhattan Collection from Scruffs, this lovely box bed immediately catches the eye with its simple shape and sleek, monochrome finish. As far as dog beds go, it’s a work of art, and you won’t have to worry about it looking like an eyesore in your living room or ruining the harmony and vibe of your home.

Instead, this dog bed just blends in with its surroundings. And it’s not only good-looking but also a very comfortable option for your dog, with a soft-to-touch fabric exterior and plush polyester filling. It provides the ideal level of support for your dog’s muscles and joints, supporting them even as they get older.

Emblazoned with the Scruffs logo and available in either dark grey or berry, this dog bed successfully fuses fashion and functionality. It’s lovely to look at, pleasant for your dog to use, and really easy to maintain. The whole thing is machine-washable at 30 degrees C, so you can eliminate most scuffs or stains that may appear over time.

Product Rating 8/10

A Cosy Space for Your Furry Friend

Most dogs are happy simply curling up at your feet or resting on a rug, but a dog bed provides far more comfort and cosiness. It gives them a happy and safe space to rest while supporting their bones and delicate joints as they age. So, if you want to treat your furry pal to a great gift they’ll use for years to come, give one of these fabulous, vet-approved beds a try.

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