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A regular dog bed gives your pup a place to rest, calm down, and call their own. And the benefits are greater the better quality of the bed. However, sometimes our pets need something more than a standard dog bed, and that’s where orthopaedic designs come in.

A dog bed made of orthopaedic-grade memory foam is built to alleviate specific issues like arthritis. It’s also an excellent choice for dogs suffering from joint pain. In other words, dogs in an advanced age will usually benefit greatly from this bed type.

However, orthopaedic beds aren’t made solely for older dogs. If your pup has sustained an injury or undergone surgery, the cushy and supportive material will help them during recovery. And even if your dog doesn’t have health issues requiring special care, getting an extra comfortable dog bed for the pup may only do it good.

Pet Parlour has a broad selection of orthopaedic beds. Aside from their memory foam construction, these beds also come in different styles and shapes. You might get a classic design like the Fur King “Ortho” Orthopaedic Dog Bed or opt for a genuine dog couch such as the Snooza Ortho Nestler, which is suitable both for indoor and outdoor uses.

Some dogs may prefer to burrow and make themselves a den. In that case, you could consider the Fur King Ultimate Orthopaedic Dog Cave Bed. This model is an ideal combination of support and snugly comfort that an open design simply can’t provide.

Finally, if you’d like a minimalist, straightforward design, the Ortho Mat Artic Faux Fur model will be the right choice. This bed is best for pups that don’t have a distinct sleeping style but would still enjoy the added comfort.

The best way to evaluate which dog bed is right for your pet would be to browse the selection on Pet Parlour. Chances are, you’ll find precisely what your pup needs.