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Barastoc Champion Layer Premium Pellet (48)

Barastoc Champion Layer Premium Pellet (48)

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Introducing Barastoc Champion Layer Premium Pellet (48) – the ultimate choice for champion hens! 🐔🏆

• Boost egg production: Feed your feathered friends with the finest nutrition to ensure they lay top-quality eggs consistently.
• Premium ingredients: Crafted with a blend of high-quality grains, vitamins, and minerals, this pellet formula is designed to meet the specific needs of layer hens.
• Optimal health: Support your hens' overall well-being and immune system with a balanced diet that promotes strong shells and vibrant plumage.
• Convenient packaging: Each bag contains 48 pellets, providing you with a long-lasting supply that's easy to store and use.
• Trusted brand: Barastoc is a renowned name in poultry nutrition, trusted by farmers and backyard chicken keepers alike.

Give your hens the champion treatment they deserve with Barastoc Champion Layer Premium Pellet (48). Order now and watch your flock thrive! 🥚💪

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