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Fur King "Aussie" Calming Dog Bed

Pet Parlour Australia

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Australian Made Calming Dog Bed by Fur King

Fur King "Aussie" Calming Dog Bed - Quick Facts

This is no ordinary Calming Dog Bed, this is Fur King "Aussie" Calming Dog Bed. A truly premium product from the washable vegan faux fur removable cover to the human grade cushions it contains. This bed will provide absolute luxury for your Dog.

Why should you buy from us?

  • 14 day free return policy!*
  • We send the bed the next business day
  • We are 100% Australian owned, so you can support a local business
  • This faux fur anti anxiety dog bed is Australian Made
  • Covers can be unzipped for easy cleaning of the bed
  • Bed is machine washable
  • Payment options: Afterpay and PayPal available
  • Calming Bed can help relieve muscle and joint pain in dogs
  • Raised rim provides feeling of security

Calming Dog Bed - The Full Details - For Those Of You That Like A Longer Read

When it comes to our pets, we want what is best for them. They are family after all! We go to lengths to pick the perfect mattress for ourselves to sleep on – not too firm, not too soft, just too our liking. It makes sense that our furry friends deserve the same creature (note the pun!) comforts. Introducing our calming dog bed – fit for a King or Queen.

What could be more inviting! Whether your dog likes to sprawl out or settle in for the night, this pet bed is everything they need and more. Your canine friend will look like they’re sitting on their own personal throne as they nestle their way into a position of comfort. Let’s face it, they’re already the King or Queen of your heart, so they deserve the throne to prove it! This ultra-soft, ultra-round calming pet bed can act as a beloved pillow, or become their safe space. With five colours and four sizes to choose from, you can pick out the calming dog bed that suits their personality the best.

The Science Bit

Still not convinced? These calming dog beds have so much to offer your pets.

Believe it or not, pets get anxious just like their owners. One in four dogs experience anxiety daily. We all lead busy lives and can’t be home every minute of every day to support them – as much as we would love to! Calming pet beds are actually backed by science (so you don’t have to take it from us!).

Here’s how it works: when puppies come into the world they aren’t kept safe and warm through their mother’s touch as they snuggle in with their siblings. As they grow, they never lose the comfort that comes from this sense of touch. This is where the calming pet bed comes in. They replicate this feeling they remember from being a puppy, huddled close to their brothers and sisters. But not all calming beds are created equal.

Calming dog beds need to have some key features:

  • Soft, short, fluffy faux fur that mimics the feeling of sleeping next to their mother and siblings.
  • Raised rim that offer a sense of security, like they are laying up against their mother for comfort.
  • A premium inner filling that they can sink into.
  • Machine washable as sometimes your dog will get dirty!

Let’s face it, sometimes we all need a big, warm hug at night. Your canine friend might feel the same. This calming pet bed fills that void for them, letting them sink into the warmth and comfort it provides, giving them as sense of security as they settle in for a nap. If they ever feel worried, unsure or uncertain, their calming dog beds act as a safe place they can go to feel at home.

Ultimate Comfort

Our pets are our family, and they deserve to have the same level of comfort that we do. They also deserve the same level of security we enjoy each and every day. We lead busy lives, and we can’t always put them on hold just to stay home with our pets. So we do the next best thing, and make them as comfortable and secure as possible while we are gone.

This pet bed is made from high-quality synthetic faux fur that your dog or cat can literally sink into. It’s a place that is entirely dedicated to their comfort. The material of our calming dog beds is super breathable as well, so they won’t overheat while they nap the day or night away.

If you’ve been trying to find a way to stop your cat or dog from sleeping on the furniture, then this bed might just be the answer to all your problems! Pets love its extra soft, great quality yet supportive feel and are happy to choose it over any other spot in the house. If your pet likes to sleep high up, you can even place it on top of the couch to keep your furniture hair and scratch free.

Have an older pet or one that suffers from joint problems? This donut shaped pet bed can give them the support and comfort that they need, so they can find a place to sleep that’s pain-free and won’t exacerbate their issues. 100% non-toxic, this pet bed can even be machine washed and dried on a gentle cycle, so you don’t need to give keeping it clean a second thought.

Your dog will feel the quality Fur King difference.

Pet beds are stored and sent flat pack so may take up to a week to regain their shape.