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Trimming your pup’s hair has multiple benefits. Depending on their coat type, you may want to take care of different areas and groom your friendly furball at specific times of year. It may be merely a matter of aesthetics or, more importantly, hygiene.

For instance, if the dog’s eyes become covered by overgrown bangs, they might look less presentable. At the same time, their vision will be impeded. Knotted hair will be harder if not impossible to brush, leading to further complications and giving the pup an unkempt look.

Finally, longer hair around the paws may accumulate dirt and debris. Since you’ll have a harder time cleaning your pet’s paws, they’ll be more likely to spread dirt around the home. Plus, those dirty paws can easily become a source of infection or, in the case of stuck debris, injuries.

Simply put, some hair trimming will be necessary from time to time. And to do that job properly, you’ll need the appropriate tools. Luckily, you can find a range of quality dog hair clippers at Pet Parlour.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one set at an affordable price, the Fur King Dog Hair Clippers will be an excellent choice. You’ll get a trimmer, four guide combs, a brush, and a pair of scissors for good measure, all in one handy package.

However, you might be after a more high-end solution. In that case, the line of Andis products will fit the bill. With the Andis Clipper AGCB Super 2-Speed, you’ll get a brushless clipper with a detachable blade for easy cleaning. On the other hand, the Andis Clipper Pulse ZR II will make you feel like a professional.

Whichever option from Pet Parlour you choose, you can be certain that your pup will receive the trimming they need. Additionally, these quality products will save you time and money, sparing you the regular visits to the groomer.