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Nothing feels better for your pup than a comfy dog bed where they can nap during the day or sleep in over night. After a hard day of playing, running, and jumping, our dogs need that well-earned rest so they can go back to their activities refreshed and rejuvenated.

This is especially true for certain smaller breeds. A tiny pup can be extremely lively and, as a result, more prone to wearing itself out. That’s why such dogs need particularly comfortable beds to get the proper rest that their tiny bodies need.

It might be unclear why a small dog would need a special dog bed. After all, it would seem that they would fit perfectly well in a larger model. However, when talking about dog beds, there’s such a thing as too large.

Your pup should have a bed where it can stretch fully. Yet, the bed shouldn’t be so expansive that your dog feels like it’s sleeping on the floor. The dimensions should be just right. Fortunately, Pet Parlour has a selection of small dog beds in different shapes to fit your pup’s needs precisely.

If you’re after a classical solution, the Fur King “Aussie” Calming Dog Bed is just the thing. This comfortable, washable bed is a great option for dogs with a regular sleeping style. On the other hand, your pup might be one of those who love keeping their head elevated while they sleep. For such dogs, something like the Mog & Bone 4 Seasons Bed would be ideal.

Or perhaps you don’t want to gift your pet a bed but an actual dog couch. In that case, you should check out the Snooza Travel Bed. Finally, if you want to see even more options, you can browse the Pet Parlour catalogue for small dog beds – you’ll certainly find the right model for your best friend.