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Abbey Labs Applemax Gold 120 ml

Abbey Labs Applemax Gold 120 ml

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Abbey Labs Applemax Gold is your go-to liquid broad-spectrum wormer and boticide for horses. This product treats large strongyles, tapeworms, hairworms, small strongyles, intestinal threadworms, roundworms, bots, summer sores, large-mouthed stomachs worms, and cutaneous onchocerciasis.

You can use the product on all horses. The treatment has a pleasant apple flavour, so your horse will enjoy it.

The recommended dose is 1ml of Applemax Gold per 50kg of live weight. You can offer Applemax Gold as an oral drench or a stomach tube. The latter should only be performed by a veterinarian.

Keep your horse safe and healthy with regular Applemax Gold treatments so they can feel their best at all times!

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