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Barastoc Low Gi Horse Stud Cube 20Kg

Barastoc Low Gi Horse Stud Cube 20Kg

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Unlike other specialised feeds, Barastoc Low GI Horse Stud Cube is suitable for practically all horses. The feed is ideal for foals, weanlings, yearlings, mares, mature, and even performance horses doing heavy work.

The main advantage of this feed is described in the name: "Low GI" stands for low glycaemic index. The formula contains less starch but maintains a superb fibre and oil content. As a result, this mixture ensures a slow energy release while ensuring an ideal nutrient balance. Additionally, the feed contains the KER Buffered Mineral Complex, which serves as a gastric buffer and provides plenty of minerals for better bone health.

Barastoc Low GI Horse Stud Cube comes in packages of 20kg.

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