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Comfortis Plus Green 6Tabs 560Mg 9.1 - 18 Kg

Comfortis Plus Green 6Tabs 560Mg 9.1 - 18 Kg

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Introducing Comfortis Plus Green! 🐾

Say goodbye to fleas and ticks with this powerful dog medication made by Comfortis. Designed specifically for dogs weighing between 9.1 - 18 kg, these 6 tablets will provide your furry friend with long-lasting protection.

Comfortis Plus Green is not your average flea and tick treatment. It's a comprehensive solution that not only kills fleas and ticks but also prevents future infestations. With just one monthly dose, you can keep your dog safe and comfortable all year round.

The 560mg tablets are easy to administer and are highly effective against these pesky parasites. Simply give your dog one tablet with a meal, and watch as Comfortis Plus Green starts to work within 30 minutes. No more scratching, biting, or discomfort for your beloved pet.

Don't let fleas and ticks ruin your dog's happiness. Choose Comfortis Plus Green and give your furry friend the protection they deserve. Order now and experience the joy of a flea-free life! 🌟

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