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Gen Pack

Gen Pack Linseed Oil 5L

Gen Pack Linseed Oil 5L

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Introducing Gen Pack Linseed Oil 5L - the ultimate horse vitamin and supplement for optimal health and vitality! Made by Gen Pack, this powerful formula is designed to provide your equine companion with the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

• Boosts overall health: Packed with vitamins and minerals, this linseed oil supplement supports your horse's immune system, promoting overall wellbeing and resilience.

• Enhances coat condition: Say goodbye to dull and lackluster coats! Gen Pack Linseed Oil nourishes the skin and coat, resulting in a glossy and lustrous appearance that will turn heads in the stable.

• Supports joint health: Keep your horse moving with ease! This specially formulated linseed oil helps to maintain healthy joints and promote flexibility, ensuring your four-legged friend stays active and comfortable.

• Easy to administer: With a convenient 5L size, this linseed oil supplement is perfect for regular use. Simply add it to your horse's feed or mix it with their daily ration for hassle-free administration.

Give your horse the gift of optimal health and vitality with Gen Pack Linseed Oil 5L. Invest in their wellbeing today and watch them shine like never before!

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