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Multicube Pasture (Lucerne & Teff) Hay Cubes 20Kg

Multicube Pasture (Lucerne & Teff) Hay Cubes 20Kg

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Introducing Multicube Pasture (Lucerne & Teff) Hay Cubes 20Kg - the perfect choice for your livestock's nutritional needs. 🌾🐴

• Premium Quality: Made from a blend of Lucerne and Teff, these hay cubes are carefully crafted to provide your animals with the essential nutrients they require.
• Convenient Feeding: With these 20Kg cubes, feeding time becomes a breeze. Simply grab a cube and watch your animals enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.
• Ideal for Pasture: Whether you have horses, cattle, or other grazers, these hay cubes are an excellent supplement to their pasture diet, ensuring they receive the right balance of nutrients.
• Long Shelf Life: The cubes are compressed to maintain freshness and extend their shelf life, so you can stock up without worrying about spoilage.
• Promote Digestive Health: The high-fiber content of Lucerne and Teff helps support healthy digestion in animals, keeping them happy and thriving.
• Versatile Usage: These hay cubes can be used as a complete feed or mixed with other forages, providing flexibility in meeting your animals' dietary requirements.

Give your livestock the best with Multicube Pasture (Lucerne & Teff) Hay Cubes 20Kg. Order now and ensure their health and vitality! 🐮🌾🐴

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