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Paw Blackmores

Paw Digesticare 60 150G

Paw Digesticare 60 150G

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Everyone knows about the benefits of probiotics. But these nutrients aren’t only helpful for humans – they’re great for pets, too. Paw Digesticare 60 is designed to combat intestinal issues in dogs caused by gut flora imbalance.

This additive contains seven probiotic bacteria strains along with fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins. These ingredients promote gut health, keeping your pet happy and vital. Better yet, Paw Digesticare 60 comes in powder form that makes it easy to give to your furry friends. The formula is palatable, which means pets will quickly learn to love the taste and accept the additive without issues.

Paw Digesticare 60 comes in a 150g packaging with a handy scoop.

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