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Peters Chick Crumbles 4Kg

Peters Chick Crumbles 4Kg

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Introducing Peters Chick Crumbles 4Kg - the ultimate poultry stockfeed for your feathered friends! Made with care by Peters, this high-quality and nutritious feed is specially formulated to meet the dietary needs of growing chicks.

• Nourishing Nutrition: Give your chicks the best start in life with Peters Chick Crumbles. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins, this stockfeed provides the perfect balance of nutrients to support healthy growth and development.

• Easy to Digest: The crumble texture of this feed ensures easy consumption and digestion for young chicks, allowing them to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients for optimal health.

• Trusted Quality: With Peters, you can trust that you're feeding your chicks only the best. This poultry stockfeed is carefully crafted using premium ingredients, ensuring consistent quality and taste.

• Versatile Usage: Whether you're raising chicks for meat or eggs, Peters Chick Crumbles is the ideal choice. It provides the necessary nutrients to promote strong bones, vibrant feathers, and overall wellbeing.

• Convenient Packaging: Our 4Kg bag is perfect for small-scale poultry owners, offering a generous supply of stockfeed that will last for weeks. Plus, the resealable packaging ensures freshness and easy storage.

Give your chicks the nutritional support they need with Peters Chick Crumbles 4Kg. Order now and watch your fluffy friends thrive!

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